Monday, November 24, 2008

Dinner gong syndrome

Want a room cleared in zero to 15 seconds?
Just announce to your family that it is time to eat and they all remember urgent chores. It works every time! At first I thought it was my cooking, but on exploring the issue, I realize that this is a common thing at a lot of urban homes. At least that is what my friends, mostly harried moms, tell me. I just have to say the'F' word (FOOD) and my son who would be rummaging through the fridge for some thing to munch on ( He periodically opens a full refrigerator, stares at all the food in it, and wistfully, in the voice of Oliver twist, announces that there is nothing to eat) suddenly remembers that he needs to ask a friend a homework assignment, my husband who is sitting on the balcony staring into space, has an urgent mail to send and the tween realizes he needs to have a shower before dinner.

Then each one will appear separately at regular intervals and ask me why I called only him(as if I am conspiring to waste his time), when the others have not appeared yet. Before I can offer any explanation or coax him to sit and wait while I gather the others, he will walk away saying 'Just a minute, I'll be right back'. We are back to square one with me screaming that the food is getting cold . (Of course, the one day the meal is not ready at the usual, you can be sure they are all waiting at the table like the hungry hordes from some starving nation.) So what do I do? Well, I have just taken to announcing meals when ever I want time to myself. I am waiting for them to catch on. Till then I am enjoying being left to myself (and the refrigerator door stays shut too).

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