Tuesday, November 4, 2008

every dog has his day

Mission accomplished!
Being an animal lover, I want to help instead of watching from the sidelines and sometimes it is not so easy. Recently I came across a dog (mentioned in my previous post on how looks matter) that had bleeding ears and very bad skin. Not sure about what to do ( i was scared about diseases... being human) I called my vet. (well, he is a vet who helps me with my dogs, two of them). At first, he told me that it was as easy as administering a simple injection, but the question was who would bell the cat..er... inject the dog... and how!

Making sure that a stray stays in one place long enough to take an injection is not an easy task, to say the very least. So the vet came up with the suggestion that we should administer an oral medicine, two doses one week apart. Sounded easy enough.... a starving stray should just wolf down the stuff mixed with some food, right? Wrong! Looks like in these days of instant gratification and demanding kids, strays have their own 'will and will not' lists. We (my kids age16 and11 who also get involved in such endeavours of mine) tried offering him some bread. He came happily enough, but refused to touch it. Then we offered biscuits,and after a brief perusal,(while we all stood with bated breath), he walked away. I ran home to get some milk to mix with the medicine,while my older son followed him to an empty plot where he lived in a pipe (the dog lived in a pipe, not my son).

Not being used to people making a fuss of him, the dog watched all our efforts to coax him into coming out and having the bowl of milk, with amused disbelief. Eventually we had to leave so he could come out and have the milk(which he seems to have done, in peace on his own time). The medicine seemed to be working, as he had improved the next i saw him. But now to administer the second dose... well, suffice to say, from finding him (strays never stay in exactly same place) to making sure he took the second dose, it was yet another adventure, but we did it. For that I am happy and feel good. Sometimes the things that make you happy are not big milestones, just small accomplishments. What I realized is that sometimes we just need to ask others (in this case, the vet) and you do get the power to help.

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