Saturday, November 15, 2008

marketing your wares

Ever have someone try and sell you stuff that you do not need, do not want and had not even thought of? Who hasn't! We are all consumers in this world and have been the target market for products we did not know about...... till some savvy, smooth talking, marketer told us how much we needed it in our lives and how incomplete and unfulfilled our lives have been till the day we got the said product.

Now-a- days, with cell phones and the Internet, you can be reached anywhere (even the Loo, if you carry the cell phone) and there are calls asking you to invest your money (the news of the recession has not reached them yet) and there are calls for more add on services/ cards when you are pulling your hair out over terrible state of even the basic services.

Recently I was at the receiving end of an onslaught for taking on some MLM (multi level marketing) Products. Despite my repeated requests, that I was not really the right person, she refused to take no for an answer. Seeking to divert her attention, I called out to my husband to join in the conversation. After the usual pleasantries, my husband asked her about her line of work ( just what I was hoping to avoid!) and she launched into a description of how wonderful her work was, how she was excited about the products and how she was making so much money while meeting so many interesting people...."just the person i want, interjected my husband,You see, we have the place we are hoping to get rid of and I am sure with your contacts, it will be a cake walk for you". Stumped mid flow, she had no option but to ask for the details and promise to look into it. When she tried to start again, my husband gently told her that we were not really her target audience ( she should have realised that seeing our uncoloured hair and sloppy clothes). She asked us if we could give five names she could contact and he continued that our near and dear ones were somewhat uninspiring, just like us. With this she had to be content and with promises to look for a buyer for our property, she left. With that I learnt a big lesson... when someone tries to sell you stuff, you sell them something instead.

So the next time someone calls you and offers you the best thing since sliced bread... you counter the offer with one of your own and see what happens next!

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