Thursday, November 6, 2008

pet peeves

"The day we brought Dustin home, his feet did not touch the ground. He was hand fed every meal with everyone competing to feed him every hour, though the doctor had recommended four-hourly meals. No one seemed to mind that he burped stuff all over them and he was set down just to pee, that too, at my urgent hollering. In fact i had more children in my home than any other time, as the neighborhood kids were also at our place to meet him. Dustin was a bitter(a bit of this and a bit of that) puppy that had come home despite my reluctance. The second day, his popularity had dimmed a bit and like the matinee star on his way down, the favours (the food, in this case) was doled out more grudgingly and after i reminded them about it.The third day there were active complaints about the fact that one was missing his turn and leaving it to the other . The fourth day, each one flatly denied it was his turn and by the fifth day he was wholly my responsibility. Since i had bonded with the helpless creature by then, we did OK." This was a story narrated by a friend, who was brave enough to take on a pet on her children's' wish recently. While she went on to fall in love with the dog and it has a "happily -ever- after" ending, this is not always the case.

Many times pets are just abandoned somewhere. The more conscientious, try and place them with someone more 'pet-friendly' while some just turn them out on the streets. Why do people get pets without any thought and then abandon them or neglect them? Many times the enthusiasm to get the pet home is at an all time high, but a few days later the pet is just sitting in a corner and looking lost.

Who or what gives us the right to condemn another creature to such a loveless and pathetic existence? Human beings are proud to call themselves the most intelligent and advanced species on earth. How can we the most advanced, if we are not able to put the needs of other creatures on par with ours, if not above ours?

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