Sunday, May 31, 2009

How would you respond?

What would you do if someone you did not like too much (not bad, but not really your cup of tea, kind of person) sent you a mail wishing you well or greets you on your special day? I like to think that I would politely thank the person in return without being effusive or gushing and leave it at that.

Sounds like the obvious option, right? But then it is obviously not so to some. Recently a friend of mine sent a mail. It was a sort of an olive branch to someone who she believed had wronged her (minor stuff) ,but she thought that instead of wiping a lifetime of association, she could take this chance to hook up again. She is yet to get a response. This from an avid, self confessed netizen!

Strange is it not, that we talk of forgiveness, large heartedness and the like, but do not take the time to respond to a good wishes mail. And yes, it is the prerogative of each and every one to choose who they keep in their lives! Yet, this really costs nothing and definitely harms none. If people are not willing to accept olive branches and make peace, how can we expect it from countries and groups? Aren't small courtesies what make our life more pleasant??

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