Friday, May 29, 2009

Schooling with a difference

The dictionary defines the word schooling as to train, educate, coach, tutor, instruct. The place, time and methods do not really matter. Home –schooling is not exactly a revolutionary new concept, and yet it does tend to surprise a lot of people. For those who believe in it, they just set their own time table and teach their child in their own way.

What was more interesting to me was the concept of Un-schooling and that there are people in Pune bravely treading that path. The term “unschooling” was first coined in 1977 by John Holt, an education reformer, the founder of Holt Associates and author of the book, “Teach Your Own.” While ‘unschooling’ is thought to be an extension of home schooling, it differs a hugely as there is no formal set curriculum involved. The idea is to let the child learn and evolve, making up his/her own mind and direction of learning. There are no specific course books and deadlines for learning. A child could learn to write at age four or at age eight, one who writes at eight may have advanced math skills, while yet another who may be extremely adept at art may pick up scientific knowledge at a much later stage. This does not mean that the child is left completely alone to his own devices. The adults in his/her life have to put in a lot more effort and expose the child to as many positive influences as possible.

Hard enough to run one's life with structure, this just make it harder, say the traditionalists. But then in today's time of zillion classes and overburdened children, worth at least thinking about, wouldn't you say?

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