Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost champions

My twelve year old son, said it best. After sitting through the entire match and trying all the long distance urging he could, when we lost to England, he said " Now I do not need to stay up late" That about sums it up.

After all the 'will we? won't we?' , the betting and the nail biting, we can all sleep without the tension of who will take home the cup. There will be as many theories as to why we lost, as the number of people who watched.

As for my two bits, I feel that we have the IPL to thank for this. How? When you are playing for(in IPL) and against( as nations) the same people (some anyway, if not all) you lose that edge ... Also, the money comes, regardless of how you play for the nation. If it sounds too simple an explanation..all I can say is that simple things are at the root of everything we do. Think about it. I am open to being convinced otherwise too!

We can always console ourselves by saying that we win some and lose some... Well, now we will not be losing sleep anyway!

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