Thursday, June 25, 2009

The mother of the bride feels...

They called and said they would arrive at 4.30 in the evening. Tea time! Seemed appropriate. Haven't countless alliances been decided at tea time? The families meet, traditionally at the girls home (OK, so we had broken the gender barrier) over some 'tea and snacks' and decide on the fate of some lives. The photo seeing had happened up front and generally the basic facts were known to both parties. It had come about with the help of a friend who lived overseas, who knew both parties and what we were looking for.

Though I had mentioned the slight limp and the fact that we did not know the exact details of birth or even the birth date, I had given them the approximate age and all what I thought mattered. Not for me the dressing up of the facts or false (but pleasant) information. Since it was the matter of lifetime commitment, I preferred brutal honesty to any window dressing.

By 4.45, I was a mass of nerves. I could not decide whether I should call them on the pretext of checking on the directions to our place. By 4.55, I couldn't wait anymore and I made the call. She apologised and said that they had got delayed getting out and should be here in about 20 mins.

True to their word, they were at my gate and after the initial greetings, rather than prolong the uncertainty, I took them to see him. One look at him, and it was clear that they came, they saw and he conquered.... their hearts.

I may never know how the mother of a would be bride feels as the 'boys side' comes for the traditional "dekkho" (bride selection), but I have some idea. When they decided to take two year old Haroun into their family fold of one dog and one cat, I felt relieved that he would be getting a home where he would be secure and loved. After how he had been found wandering (read posts 'Majestic Mudhol' and "rescue dog" ) I knew that Haroun had finally come home.

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