Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The pot calling the kettle black

"The perpetrators need to be punished" Harbhajan Singh says.... The head line jumped out at me from a leading news paper page. The piece went on to deal with the subject of racial attacks and how Harbhajan Singh had lost a nephew to the alleged racial attacks happening in Australia. My heart goes out to the family who last their son/ brother/ nephew. Losing a loved one is devastating. That said, why is anyone interviewing Harbhajan Singh about racism?

We all know (unless you were in some jungle for the last couple of years) that Harbhajan Singh was bang in the center of a racism controversy himself. While no one may have lost lives in that controversy, it did nothing for the Indian Image as ' Non-racists, Non-discriminating ' people. One could argue that what is allegedly happening in Australia is a matter of life and death as there is a threat to lives and not abstract issue like social or emotional abuse. Then again there are those who will say that emotional and social abuse cam make life on earth a living hell.

So, while being sensitive to every one's feelings, can we please splash less controversial pictures and people all over the place? Or else it will look like the pot is calling the kettle black!

P.S. While Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is refusing an honorary degree in protest of the racial attacks, Harbhajan Singh is promoting the cause of education in Australia as the brand ambassador of 'Planet Education' !

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  1. Great thought for the day..I think its high time we Indians take time and introspect..I wonder why so much media hype is not done for the humiliating story of a Dalit woman being paraded naked down a street. What are our celebs doing about that..?? Something to think about..and maybe write about.


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