Monday, June 15, 2009

Rescue dog

I had seen him as a majestic beast, walking tall and proud alongside his human. As I know more dogs than humans (ok, I exaggerate, - poetic licence) in my neighbourhood, I stopped to speak to them. A Caravan hound (also called Mudhol hound) he is one of the few Indian breeds recognised internationally, I was informed.

Last evening I saw him again, and despite the limp and the small cuts and general air of neglect , he still looked majestic. Slender to start with, he looked emaciated and was missing all the signs of being a humanised dog. Wondering how he would react to me, I offered him some bread and eggs which he accepted with great dignity. Not for him the grabbing, gobbling behaviour of a starving pariah. He licked the eggs delicately and nibbled at the bread. That he was hungry was obvious, from the enquiring look for more.

After some hectic consultation with family, (these are the times I bless the cell phone) we decided that we could not leave him on the street and I invited him to follow me home. Pausing to consider the implications he sighed and then followed me trustingly.

With two dogs at home, I have all the ....collars and leashes were the least of my worries. We put him in the parking and while he seemed to settle in, he would call out periodically to check my whereabouts. I ended up sleeping in the guest room just above him, so as to call out reassurances.

Haven't slept much last night, wondering who could have abandoned such a lovely creature as also considering his future. I am hoping he gets adopted into a loving home, as he has a lot to give. The liquid eyes say it all!

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