Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walking the talk

She cleans her everyday vessels with shikakai powder. For her hair, she uses soap nuts and shikakai. Her laundry is clean, with the help of a little bio degradable ball. No detergents for her. ‘Environment’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘conservation’ are not just words that she likes to use…... she lives them. What impressed me is that S (lets call her that) takes the trouble beyond the standard ‘let us not use plastic bags’.( very important, but I am told we have to move beyond that)

It’s not about just the environment (that is just the latest buzz), we talk about corruption, but give some money to the havaldar, when we are parked wrongly. We talk about honesty, but lie to the boss, claiming an emergency when there is none, just for some time off. We talk about recycling garbage to save the world, but think nothing of using poison sprays at the first hum of a mosquito or the buzz of a fly. We talk of racism as we buy creams to lighten our skin and advertise for ‘fair brides’.

Admittedly, it is difficult to do away with every bit of wrong in the world, but trying to go that extra mile is what makes the difference. There are some among us who try harder, fight more and longer. As for me, I am almost inspired to follow S’s example. When? As soon as I can convince my household help that shikakai is better than her favourite washing soap!

P.S. Well, I did say it’s much easier to say things, than live them!!!

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