Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Water water

The papers are full of it. It has even made it to national TV channels . The rains are delayed. The reservoirs have water just for another couple of weeks. I read about it. I see the urgency in the news report. That is where it stops.

On my morning walk today, I counted about eight cars that were being washed clean. This, at about seven in the morning. As the office hour approaches, I am sure there will be many more shiny cars, bouncing the glare off one another in the fast lane. We all seem to believe that we live on islands, impervious to what affects others. How else can we explain the fact that we just splash the cars around us with gallons of water, while the house help next door lugs home water from distances after standing in long lines, just so she can cook a meal? Not that she herself is above all the waste... the tap's on as she does the dishes, the Ganges does not flow as fast and furious as the water for washing clothes and so on. The philosophy seems to be 'Have water, will waste'

While living in the moment may be a great way to a happy life, it is hardly the philosophy to a healthy planet. When asked what the third world war was going to be about, someone said that it would be for WATER. Seems to me, unless we wage a private war on waste of resources, we are not very far from that war!

As for those shiny cars, a bucket works equally well....all it needs is just a bit more attention to detail.

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