Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is in a name?

Gold rings, for the new born!! The Tamil government, in a bid to promote Tamil culture , has announced that all babies born in government / corporation hospitals on Karunanidhi's 86th birthday today, will be given gold rings.

As an avid supporter of all cultures (Isn't that what makes us so much more interesting? ..the differences?) I agree that local names have a unique flavor! That they may mean something entirely different in another place adds spice to it ( I am told that 'Usha' which signifies the dawn for us, means dog in Amharic).

While we say viva la difference ( Or whatever it is in french!!) can we also say kudos to the Tamil govt for coming up with such a bright idea? Especially as no one has ever thought of such incentive before.. or else would Karunanidhi's own son have been named 'Stalin'? After all I do not think that the Russians and the Tamils are remotely culturally akin!

When Shakespeare said "What is in a name?" he had no clue that there were gold rings to be had for some .

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