Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wizards in Oz

These are the new age wizards of Oz. There is more than one of them and their numbers seem to be growing or so the media says. They are here, there and everywhere ...seemingly popping out of the woodwork suddenly. Now you see them and then you did not! Appearing suddenly would be magic enough you might say.... but wait , there is more!

As the level of magic grows they will make people disappear. So, who are these magicians? Some people in Australia( Or those are the ones we hear,see, read about) And who is disappearing?The Indian youngsters who are in Australia for a better education/ career/ life!People who are there to study and pay good money to do so. People who now fear for their safety. People who might have to abandon the education they have paid for but learnt a lesson for free - that, colour matters! Even in this day and age! Even in the rat race, Race matters!

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