Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Absolute Justice

So now Kasab has confessed. After all the overwhelming evidence against him, we still had to have a trial because we wanted to be fair and just. More importantly, we wanted to APPEAR fair and just!. Even now, despite the confession, the trial may still go on for a while I believe. Sometimes I think that things go too far. I pride myself on the democracy and freedom that exists in our country. Yet I wonder why we need an expensive trial despite fact that Kasab had such a mountain of evidence against him.

Just what is justice? Just today, the highest court in the country ruled that a mentally challenged rape victim could give birth. I know that there are no easy answers, but allowing someone who cannot manage her own life, safety and security (which led to the rape in the first place) to have a child? Her caregivers tried to argue against it.

How can she ensure a good life to this new life? What if the child is a girl who falls into the hands of a monster similar to the one who raped her mother even before she is old enough to know the facts of life? Where can we draw the line on competent parenting? I am not advocating that the society or the government be given absolute right over free will. Nor am I of the opinion that 'big brother ' knows best. So what are the options?

Why should the trial with Kasab be continued when the money saved can be used for other things? Will we allow an actual nine year old to have a baby just because she feels so? If not, why is it just to allow a nineteen year old rape victim with the mental age of nine to have a baby? Does anyone have the answers?

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