Friday, July 10, 2009

For funerals and a wedding

Do you know who Shree Dasari is? Well, you will, soon enough. After all did you know who Jade Goody was, till a couple of years ago? And while you may have heard of Shilpa Shetty, you never heard of her more till she was racially 'bullied' in a reality show. Mrs Jaya Bachchan has called Rakhee Sawant a celebrity without a cause on the Karan Johar show. Yet even a channel with the letters NDTV in their name promote her liberally and we can OD on 'all that you never wanted to know, and never asked' about Rakhee! (One of the promos appeared to have men walking over hot coals for a chance to marry her!)

Whoever said that everyone will get their fifteen minutes of fame, never realized how much money they will make out of that fifteen minutes of fame or how long drawn those fifteen minutes will be. A line that says it eloquently goes 'earlier you had to be special to be famous, now you just have to be famous to be special'

It does not seem to matter what you are (in)famous for. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and their ilk have more attitude and bad behaviour than talent to their credit. We know more about the long and short of Brittany Spears' marriages than her music . Brangelina seem to be making more money selling the rights to their baby pictures than for their movies.

Even dying can earn you a fortune. It appears that there is a resurgence of Micheal Jackson's music and it is selling like hot cakes after his sudden demise. In recent times, this is the most he has been in the news. They are even anticipating that all this will wipe out the millions of dollars of debt he was in. Every channel telecast the funeral and the ones with the most extensive, exclusive coverage and juiciest sound bites from 'friends and family' is reaping the benefits of popularity and TRPs.

It doesn't seem to matter what you do, you can reveal your deepest darkest secrets or those of your best friend, You can kill an endangered animal or indulge in racial abuse, you can expose skin, or cry sexual abuse, you can get married, have babies, or even die.. and you can make money for it. Who knew it better than Jade goody, who made a fortune by abusing, apologising, falling in love, getting married and dying, all by age twenty seven. Who knows, Shree Dasari, allegedly the current abusee (sounds better than 'victim of racial abuse'), may use his fame even better.When you have your fifteen minutes of fame, you better be savvy enough to use them wisely!

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