Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meeting friends

Today would have been just another day, had a friend of mine not called yesterday. She doesn't live here anymore or rather splits her time between this place and her home abroad. She has been here for a month but we have been unable to meet up ( I know, I know, I am a terrible friend). At first we wanted to meet up with the entire family and some others we know. Then we decided to do it with just our own families. You'd think that matching the schedules of eight people, a couple of dogs and a cat should be not that hard, right? With just the weekends open, thanks to school and early wake up calls, we couldn't even do that.
So yesterday when we spoke ( oh, that was also after playing some phone tag!) we figured that we would meet up. So we did.
When you are is a set rut or a holding pattern, you never realize how fun it is to break away. Once you do, you always feel you should do it more often. We all have stressful hectic lives. As the sandwich generation, life is sometimes getting smothered between the two generation slices, with little irritants liberally slathered on. At least occasionally we must all try and slip away from it all. Keeps you smiling. It did, for me!

PS. The bonus was discovering that one is not the only one dealing with strange children, crazy neighbours and impossible relatives!


  1. hey smita, good one... i liked the one on the whale and mermaid too... keep writing.... maddy

  2. Madhuri, thanks for stopping by.


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