Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What are you afraid of?

She admits it. It is a big problem. Touch wood! She can still ride her trusty scooter and move about. When she visits her birth place she uses the public bus service. She still prefers to travel by train and prefers to make her own reservations. Post retirement, (age 67 now) she chose not to continue in her primary area of competence , teaching Maths, and works with an association for the blind.

She keeps in touch with her core competence by helping any students who may need it, but not be able to afford help and also by sponsoring the schooling needs of one child every year. Her philosophy being "every little bit helps and we should do what we can".

If you think this picture of Independence has no issues, well, you would be wrong. Living by herself (even though she could live with her children and she admits there is no problem in that) poses an issue. No, no, It has nothing to do with fear of being robbed or hurt. It has nothing to do with managing daily chores too.

Her real fear is "Should I bolt the door from inside at night?". Yes, I know. It may sound silly, but she feels it may be simpler to keep it on latch to enable her family to let themselves in, in case she never wakes up. Sounds irrational? Hard to believe that a woman so strong seems to have such a trivial concern? Who knows? Look within. We all have fears that seem silly. Like fears of being cheated. Fears of being snubbed. Fears of looking less wealthy, smart, pretty ! Why else do we not trust our help, try to stay within our comfort zones and pretend to others? We boast of the recent trip abroad or the expensive piece of jewellery we just bought. We pretend to appreciate books and films that are critically acclaimed. We fear not fitting in. Fear being the odd ones out and so on....Think about it and you'll see.

At least her fear is a practical one. So what are you afraid of?

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