Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A wing and a prayer

In the last few days three stories that caught my attention have a connecting thread running through them, though they are very different. Babli the little girl , who needed a liver transplant (and a miracle) to survive. Her short life was a saga of how hopes soared and plunged on the roller coaster of emotions, finally ending in a tragic way. There was the Yemeni airliner crash in which about a hundred and fifty people died. What was really miraculous was that one of the passengers, a teenager survived! Micheal Jackson's death was another shocking event. All the money and fame came to naught and could not save his life.. Three stories with unexpected endings.

Babli's mom initially did not have the money or hope .when it all seemed to all miraculously come together, neither the money or the hope or the prayers helped. Who knows what emotions, hopes and prayers went through the minds of those who were on the plane that crashed. Did the survivor think that she would make it and be the only one? Did she pray? Did she ever lose hope as she clung to the debris? What of Micheal Jackson? Did he know that he was dying? Did he wonder why he could not get help despite his immense fame and fortune? Did he pray or did he have no time for that?

I believe in the power of prayer, in the power of positive thinking. Yet I wonder why the collective prayers of all those who read about Babli ,did not work. Why was there only one survivor of that crash? How did she survive so miraculously? Or for that matter, must the Jews not have prayed at the concentration camps? Why are some prayers answered? The answers are hopefully out there somewhere? Then again, maybe like some prayers, some questions too are unanswered.

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