Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dealing with bad news

I just heard that the thirty year old son of a very dear person has Cancer of the stomach. Just about a month ago he was talking about his plans to invest in a new place of his own. A handsome young man, he turns heads where ever he goes. Blessed with a happy-go-lucky disposition, he brings a smile to your face with his comments and observations.

I am aware that Cancer is no longer regarded as the threat it once used to be. New Cures and treatment are more effective and efficient than ever. In fact, a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast Cancer was talking about the strides in the past three years. She too is very brave. Her diagnosis itself was a blow, but close as she is to me in age, it was somehow different. This young man is two thirds my age and somehow I do not know what to say to him or his parents.

With my friends,I think you can say something as you can imagine what you'd like said to you. Being the parent of an afflicted person must be about the worst situation to be in. We all want to protect our children from all the hardships of life. We want to set things right. We want the best for them. I know you can be encouraging and keep the spirits up, yet inside you must be the most frustrated by your helplessness. I know he will be fine soon and beat the Cancer. Yet, for now what do you say to a parent in this situation? I write all this as I do not know whom to talk to and what to say. I just cannot keep it all within either.

I only hope they know that we are all with them till I find the words and the courage and tell them myself.

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  1. if you are a very dear friend of theirs, call them, drop by and they'll know that you care.


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