Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For matrimonial purposes

A cousin's daughter is at that age.. you know, the age when the mother starts getting the feeling that she may be stuck holding her baby. The age is different for different moms, but once their daughters cross that invisible line they start dredging their memories for any near and dear ones who may have crossed that line and still got plucked from the family tree.

So guess who called me from the blue? OK, the not so blue..you know what I mean! I told her that I had crossed the ripe old age of, hold your breath, twenty six when I found Mr. Right. That was considered practically geriatric those days (ok, I fess up eighteen yrs ago). In fact I remember my uncles exhorting my mother to bring me to the bosom of the community and let me be seen there. To my mom's query about what would happen to my work, they just went 'pshaw'! emphatically, signifying that it did not matter. It's another thing that we never did anything of the sort .

Seems though, this young girl is over that hump..ooops! Should have increased my age when I told her. Last heard, she is looking around further in the family branches to find older fruit. Funny, how you need validation in things like this, even as you repeat frantically 'Marriages are made in heaven'.

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  1. Such an interesting post... I learn so much from visiting blogs of different cultures!

    Thank you for stopping by The Self Love Project! We really appreciate it!


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