Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The friendly neighbourhood

Recently, I met someone who is building a new home. They will be residing on the ground floor, while the top floor will be occupied by a friend. "So we can have some companionship when we grow old" she said. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. As more and more people have fewer children, you are sort of deprived of the larger extended families of yore. My children for instance have only one cousin on my side.

Also, as more and more of us move out of our home towns and drift across the country or even the world, we are not living very close to family. Even if you never moved out of home, the chances of your children living anywhere near you are increasingly remote. Friends are people who share your sensibilities and likely know your quirks. As you age and need to have people who care and share, it would be good to have like minded people.

After all, isn't it a good idea if you can turn friends into neighbours, instead of trying to turn your neighbours into friends?


  1. actually its a very good idea...

    I live in midwest USA...I know of few pakistani families..i think 6 of them who baught houses next to each other....with time more pakistani families baught houses in the same colony...i hear they are all family friends too..

    same is true in less intensity for our colony too...we have atleast 2 or 3 indian families living in each lane of our colony..

    my next door and back door families are indians..and it helps...


  2. A very good point. It would be nice to be surrounded by friends if you can't be surrounded by family...better still to be surrounded by both! My family all lives very far away. So I know how important my new friends have become.


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