Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green visitor

What is green and black, moves fast, is hard to catch and creates a flutter when spotted? No, it is not a new character from a Rakesh Roshan Movie. Yes, I know that 'Quickgun Murugan' could be a close guess, but Murugan is more multi - coloured than my visitor.

It looked like another 'blah' Friday afternoon, when my help, who was finishing up with the dishes, spotted this little wriggly string that moved away when she squirted it with water. Closer examination revealed that it was a small sssnake! Being a village woman, (she spouts theories that humans are more poisonous than snakes and it is sometimes the snake who dies. Then again, she may be closer to the divine truth than I know!!) she did not panic, but called out to me. After the initial excitement of having a real live snake on the premises subsided, we called the local pest control services, who also double as the animal help services here.

The next few minutes were rather thrilling. Knowing little about the snake and it's venom, we all hung over the balcony railing to try and make sure we kept track of the wriggly thing. ( see how the swine flu got away because the government did not keep track) As we watched, it made it's way through a patch of 'Alu' leaves and vanished below a decaying yellowed one. The experts came in all prepared with their high tech equipment. Turns out, all they need is a clean, green, empty, plastic ..hold your breath.. soda bottle. Quickly, efficiently and with disappointing tameness, they coaxed the small snake.. about a foot or a bit more, just half an inch thick.. into the bottle and went their way. Relax, I too asked them what they do with the snake. We are fortunate to have a snake park in pune that takes all such snakes... they also release the harmless ones into the great big outdoors, far from the madding crowd. So, looks like our visitor will be enjoying the facilities at the park, before he is released. What really deflated the excitement was that he was a harmless little fellow. So much for braving a snake attack!!

Btw, I learnt that there are many superstitions associated with snakes. They range from omens of good luck, great harvest for farmers, death, loss of power, loss of wealth, bad luck et al. To think that all the snake was looking for, was a meal!

In all the excitement I forgot to take any pictures, but am posting a picture of the famed "Alu" thicket. The snake was green, with dark bands. I believe he was a 'Trinket'.


  1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.
    I liked your post very much. You have presented very nicely and I appreciate for your beautiful garden.

  2. Oh i would have scared to death.

    Once i missed stamping a big snake,my maid who was coming behind me pulled me backwards or else i would have stamped a snake.

    In our garden we used to get this small green snakes in the rainy seasons.

  3. you are so lucky - that you saw a snake - that is how kids here would say

  4. Sssnake! I HATE reptiles especially snakes and can't stand even looking at a picture of one...I'm glad that it was taken care of and no harm was done...

  5. Snakes evoke so many emotions... fear, thrill, excitement, disgust and in our country even piety and devotion!! I did not want it there, but neither did i want it dead.The resolution was fine in the end.


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