Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In these times of the swine flu and terrorism stories, today The Times of India, carried a wonderful story. It was about a 83 year old retired teacher, Soballapuram V Venkataraman, and his students. In times when the teacher and the taught both regard their relationship as a professional one involving the exchange of money and time, it was truly heartening to know that there are those who understand the value of a good teacher.

The teacher who used to teach Tamil and inspire countless students was left with a pitiful pension of Rs. 9,000/ and the responsibilities of an aged wife and a widowed daughter. When a couple of his old students visited him a couple of years ago, they were shocked to discover him in a leaky rented home. Galvanised into action they decided to build a home for him. Around 250 of the school's alumni got together and have built a house for their inspiring teacher. They plan to hand it over to him on teacher's day next month. All the teacher did was do his job with sincerity and devotion, expecting nothing in return.

Restores faith in the ideal of good things come to good people! May there be many more teachers and students like this.


  1. Yes, may there be more teachers and students following the same.
    Great post. And thankyou Times of Indai.

  2. Correction :
    The Times of India

  3. sweet!!!

    thanks for sharing..


  4. Very heart-warming! Nice to know such students still exist!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. very touching indeed... right values inculcated by the right teacher to the right students....

  6. This was heart warming indeed!


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