Friday, August 7, 2009

Open season!!

OK, So I stand corrected (and how!!). The Supreme court ruled that 'A husband and his relatives cannot be prosecuted for "cruelty" towards wife merely because the mother-in-law or other family members had kicked her or for that matter threatened her with divorce.'

So please put back the Champagne bottles to the deepest recesses and cut all the celebrations. (Previous post). I would have thought that kicking any one amounted to cruelty. I even include animals in that. The people sitting in the Supreme court are supposed to have a highly trained and evolved sense of justice. So how can they be so oblivious to something that is obvious to any lay person? This is like declaring open season on the helpless and the hapless. It puts the battle for gender equality back in the dark ages when women were considered on par with cattle and other property. Now the physically Strong can pick on anyone with impunity. May be things like ragging in colleges and bullying in schools will also rise. After all, if it is not cruelty coming from a family member, why should others hold them selves back? In the times when we talk of human rights and animal rights, this is truly appalling. To think that it comes from the SUPREME court!!

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