Saturday, August 8, 2009

Log Aaj Kal

Last night we went for a movie. We are not major movie buffs, so this counts for something. In fact, it counts as a family time. So it is more about the popcorn, the sandwiches and the nachos than the film itself. We start out with some of the stuff and then supplement it during the intermission. This time, all anyone wanted midway, was a bottle of water. J, my husband, got us the bottle, we complained about how long the interval seemed and then about how the film dragged in the latter half.

By the time the film got over, it was almost eleven in the night and as we reached the car J realised that his wallet was not on him. The money in the wallet warranted little panic, but the cards were all there too. Off we rushed to the theatre again, all the while wondering about the damage that must have accrued on the cards. Stories about how people had maxed out cards within minutes of finding them, raced through our minds.

They wouldn't let us get into the screening area, and directed us to the security instead. J, narrated how he was missing a wallet and got ready for for a long discussion about how where and why they did not, could not have found it, when the person asked for his name. Armed with the name, 'Ek minute sir, mein dekhta hoon' , he said. Much to our delight he produced the wallet and a photocopy of J's id card (from the wallet), and asked him to sign for the wallet after checking it's contents.

Less than ten minutes of discovering that the wallet was missing, we were on our way home. Today, aaj kal, when we constantly crib about the declining morals and falling standards, this was an eye opener. It also made me realize how cynical we have all become. It took the log, the people at BIG cinemas, previously called Gold Ad Labs, to bring this home.

I do not have much to say about love aaj kal, but I can vouch for the log aaj kal!!


  1. we have its screening next weekend..

    can't wait!!!


  2. Being the good Samaritan is in again! And yeah, I too believe we are too cynical for our own good!!

    Hopped from Enigma's!


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