Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Think you'll not remember a loved one's special day? Never fear! You can get your organiser to remind you. Don't have one? Use the cell phone. Not good enough? Then there is the laptop, at work, at home... No matter where you are and what time it is, there is a way to remember with technology.

These days something or another is beeping, honking, flashing,vibrating... basically drawing attention to something that needs to be done. It could be as prosaic as a meeting at the office, as romantic as buying chocolates for a loved one, or as important as an appointment with the doctor.

In fact, it's got me wondering... would anyone remember anyone sans these reminders? OK, so that may be a bit harsh. I guess people have been remembering special days from time immemorial. Why, long before any of these gadgets were there, my grandmother told me that her mom never forgot her birthday. I believe it was the day it rained very heavily and a coconut fell on her uncle's head. The good thing about this was, we could take our pick of rainy days to celebrate my grand mom's birthday. But I digress.... to come back to the beeping, honking et al, I know of people who within minutes of meeting you, will jot down your number and b'day in their trusty little 'ring thing'.

This birthday, some friends called me a couple of days early and some a few days late and one even forgot till we spoke about it in a random conversation a few days later. But those are the ones I know for sure remembered my b'day. OK, so some may have recalled the day without any electronic prompting. Here I must say that there is nothing wrong with some helpful prompting. The thing though, sometimes you are not sure, you know the person well enough for them to remember or even care. BTW, I thank each and everyone for calling me, who ever, how ever, what ever prompted them.

So just what is my issue here? Well I just hope we are not reduced to picking up chocolates only when reminded, sending a preset text message at a beep and sending an e-greeting from a pre - programmed computer. Mostly, I feel deprived of a chance to celebrate a birthday every time it rains!!!!


  1. We seem to be so tied to electronics now... I was just thinking along these same lines the other day. I have a little book of special dates, but more times than not, I forget to look at it! I've got to work on that one... :)

    Thanks for stopping by The Self Love Project! It was nice to see you there!

  2. Welcome here, April. Will keep visiting the self love project.


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