Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why lie?

She is a close relative.. close enough for me not to name names. She called last Sunday evening and asked me for a telephone number of a taxi service I use. "So, planning a trip?", I asked , scrolling through the numbers. "Nooo Yaar, I just realized that I do not have the number and my mom will need it next month."

After I gave her the number we moved on to other topics like family and festivals and ended the conversation. Today, I just got to know through someone else that she and her mother had made a trip to Mumbai last Monday. Just the day after she took the number from me. What I do not understand is the need to lie.

We are contemporaries and it was not as if I was going to prevent her from going anywhere. You may argue that it was never my business in the first place. I agree. The question was more conversational than anything else. So, why lie?

I know we all don masks at different points in life. At times the circumstances demand it. sometimes it is the person. Occasionally because the truth is not palatable or may hurt. But compulsive lying, for no reason? It is really irritating. More so because trust is very fragile and hard to re-establish. Why risk lying to family?


  1. Relatives are like that sometimes. Weird for no reason! I have no idea why either. :S

  2. Strange are the ways of life! But what else can we do but just forget it :(

  3. Hi Suchismita,
    I wonder how you haven't noticed these little things that happen when you speak with relatives. This is kinda usual, isn't it? They do it all the time. Or may be you felt bad as she was close to you or something. But no word of relative is to be taken too seriously. :) No offense but that is the policy I follow ;)

  4. I like your name and you write very good. :)

  5. miss m, I suppose relatives are like that sometimes.

    swaram,You are right, we have to forget and carry on...

    lively,I know relatives are are strange at times, but lying for no reason?? I take no offense and may be i should follow your policy.Thanks for the kind words!

  6. I know the feeling. This has happened to me quite a number of times, too. What irritates the hell out of me is the POINTLESSNESS of the lie. But then, I just shrug and move on, although with a bitter aftertaste.

  7. You said it sucharita. It is the pointless part that gets my goat too...

  8. forgive and forget...

    dwelling on these things just causes headache..


  9. hey..don't bother too much abt these's only a waste of time...just forget it and move on...:D

  10. Yes Shraddha, you are right
    welcome memories and mirages.. sound advice!


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