Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teachers Day

Teachers make a very big difference in our lives. Remember the three 'R's? Reading, (w)Riting, and (A)Rithmetic. But that is not all they do. A good teacher can make you and help you reach your full potential and vice -versa. I always did show respect for teachers (my parents would have it no other way), but like everyone else at that age, took them for granted, thought that I'd be well rid of the 'tyrants'. Little realising that this tyranny was the best thing that I would be subjected to. I have not had a chance to revisit my school, or even the city where I went to school, but find myself thinking about my teachers with growing respect.

The movie clips here are about two real life teachers who have made a great difference. On teachers day, I thought that it would be a fitting post.

The first clip is from the movie 'Freedom Writers' , about a teacher who against all odds and at great personal inconvenience, ends up inspiring a group of children whom the world has given up on. It has Oscar winning actress Hillary Swank as the teacher.

Tourettes Syndrome is a little known condition that causes the person suffering from it to make involuntary sounds and even shout out obscenities. It causes uncontrollable twitches and shakes. This singles out the sufferer and many times disrupts normal life. Real life teacher Brad Cohen has the Tourettes syndrome. His childhood dream was to be a teacher who recognised that it was okay to be different and teach children that they can be whatever they choose to be. The movie takes us down the rough road Brad travels and his journey to his dream.

Our own 'Taare Zammen Par' is also a movie that demonstrates the power of a good teacher. I have not put up any clips as the chances are that we have all caught the movie at some point or another. Also, it is not about any real 'real life' person.

All three movies are worth at least one viewing. More power to such teachers! Wishing all the teachers a very happy teachers day!


  1. Oh thatz a beautiful tribute :)

    A good teacher can make you and help you reach your full potential - Well said

    Loved all those 3 films u hv mentioned abt! So touching :)

    Abs. fitting post!

  2. I wonder I will get a chance to see my teachers ... As I read through your post I thought that next time I should make an effort to meet and greet some of my teachers.. after all today we are what we are because of what they taught us to do and not to do and what they did not teach us and what we did not want to learn!
    Happy teacher's day

  3. Very beautifully written about teachers day. A good and lovely tribute to all the respected teachers. Its very difficult to meet with my school teachers now but definitely I always remember them. Teachers and parents both plays an important role in our life.

  4. oh what a beautiful tribute

    happy teachers day


  5. Nice one. A good teacher is like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others.


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