Sunday, December 27, 2009

How will it be?

Today is a quiet day. The kind when the weather ( cool dark winter), the occasion ( the Xmas weekend), and the place, all sort of conspire to be calm and placid, even boring. The boys are in their rooms doing what they do and the dogs seem hard put to find something to bark at.It all makes for a lot of mind wandering and random thoughts. It has now begun to sink in... that my first born will be off to a far far away college. For the last ten days I am seeing signs of it everyday. Till now they were signs that made me happy and proud. After all, not everyone who wants to can get into the college of their choice.. Yet now, I understand that I will not see him every weekend, or even every month... I will just see him about twice year.. hopefully !

Years ago I had read a line which has stayed with me all through my motherhood years.. "We teach children to walk and talk, so we can tell them to shut up and sit down" and when they do shut up and sit somewhere , we miss all the motion and the noise! Humans never leave things be, do they?!

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