Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are we regressing?

A younger man fearlessly courting an older educated woman, a lecturer, no less, openly. A show that allegedly talks about the problems of child marriage (It even has a moral that appears at the end of each episode). A young woman crusading against female infanticide.. Just the images that warm the cockles of our progressive hearts. But cut to a few months later and the lecturer is waiting for the young man to masterfully fill her 'maang' (hair parting) with the sindoor in a temple ceremony before looking beatifically happy. So what happened to the image of the independent young woman? She got lost in the quest for the TRPs. The Child bride whose sister- in -law, a child bride too delivers a baby boy and everyone is happy that it is a boy! There is not even lip service to the dangers to becoming a mom so young. The young woman crusading against female infanticide falls hopelessly, irrevocably in love with the chief villain's son and forgets all about the poor infants, concentrating her energy on the hero who was stringing her along just for his mom's benefit. She turns into a house maid, forgetting all about her education and looks longingly at the very man who betrayed her. So much for liberation. All these shows claim to be on the side of the woman and are supposedly different from the regressive Saas- bahu shows. Really??

It is not just women alone who are the brunt of superstition, a recently started show has a the heroine appealing to a snake, 'Naag', to consume milk and leave them alone....and the wonder is that the snake goes against the laws of nature and does just that. You can expect a lot more snake charmers this 'Naag Panchmi' forcefully dipping poor snakes into milk, just to earn a quick buck. The least we can do is leave the poor animals to live with the laws of nature!! Looks like mankind is lost to the TV screen!


  1. I detest serials..instead I promote news and knowledge channels :)

  2. that is why i am only cnn fan..

    that too may be only once a week


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