Sunday, February 14, 2010

Party Pooper

My son has a birthday coming up and we have been making lists and talking about the food and generally doing everything that soon to be thirteen year olds do around their birthdays. Last night, back from a birthday party, he was full of ideas and I coaxed him to bed. Just as he was nodding off, he suddenly perked up and said "Amma, I am telling all my friends to leave their cell phones at home." Mildly curious at this strange and seemingly undue dislike for cell phones, I prompted him to explain. " You know Amma, today we did not have much fun. Most of the kids had cell phones with blue-tooth and they just sit exchanging games and stuff on the phone. The worst part is they do not even play those games. We can do such stuff anytime, but when so many of us meet at one place, it would be great to play outside. I want to play on my birthday. Not be stuck to some phone. So I am banning cell phones" he declared.

Social scientists have been shouting themselves hoarse about how technology is making us progressively anti social, but here was the proof from the mouth of a young child. He might or might not get away with the ban because his friends are not old enough to take offense. Imagine though, what fun we could have if we did the same. I know of concerts, conversations and even funerals that are interrupted by the teeny cell phone. Dare we follow a young one's example the next time??

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