Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Watching him in the two minute dance sequence transported her.... ever since the doctors had told her at his birth that he would never walk or talk, she had been just imagining such a moment. She watched mesmerised, her son, on the stage, a part of the brightly dressed group of children, all swaying to some music. Her eyes teared up at the normalcy of the scene in front of her.All the gruelling sessions of therapy and her constant repetitive effort had not been lost.She Took some quick pictures to mail to her parents and her in-laws. Not everyone was always in step with one another, but 'the best show on earth' as far as the parents are concerned, she thought. After all, who could resist the spectacle of their child on such a platform. She felt bad that it was over. There was always next year!

There was so much pending work and with her son at his annual day function, it meant that she could go home later than usual. The maid could also leave at her normal time and she would not call every few minutes to whine about never going home on time. She felt a small guilty niggle. She had promised him she would come and see the small two minute performance, but with over 250 sets of parents, he would not be able to tell..... she had arranged for a friend to pick him up and would tell him that she had to run out for a meeting after his performance. She could just tell him how much she enjoyed the show and even offer that he could snuggle up with mom and dad for the night as a reward.. That with the pizza for dinner and the ice cream for dessert would do the trick. He was too young to suspect anything. There was always next year!


  1. We can lie to our children, but we cannot lie to our selves. So that guilt feeling niggles really bad.

  2. The first part strikes a chord. Very close to home. For the second, I wonder, do most parents value what they have? Not my place to preach but one has to want something very much to appreciate what a wonderful special gift it is.



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