Sunday, February 14, 2010


I was at a birthday party for a thirteen year old when my mother called. Instead of her standard greeting she asked me where I was and whether we were all ok. Rather surprised, I assured her that we were and then asked her why she had asked. "There has been a bomb blast in Pune at German bakery" she said. It took the zing out of the party but the adults there speculated that it must be just a cylinder or some such. Three frantic 'are you ok?' calls and some web searches later, we had all accepted that this was a 'first' we did not want for Pune.

Then again, no one wants this, but it still happened. This one was just too close. It was 'Home'. The city we all love and crib about. The great education, the culture, traffic, the polllution, we talk about all those with passion. Now this. I discovered one thing last night though.. people fall silent when it is so close. They seem to introspect. Maybe they think of the times they were at the site and wonder 'what if?'. And yet though they look inward, they also look out for others. I got two offers of escort for my car ( I was a woman alone) and that was reassuring. Reassuring to know that while there are those who do inhuman acts, there are also those who show humanity and concern. As long as the latter outnumber the former, there will be hope. On this Valentines day, all I ask for is that hope.

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