Monday, March 1, 2010

What's with a name?

One of the most things that most would be parents agonise over is a name for their bundle of joy. We want it to be different, uncommon, unusual, trendy and so on. We scour the web, we ask almost everyone we meet, we read books, et al.

But you can tell that this craze for unusual names has gone out of control. How, you ask?

Why would you name your child Ateet, meaning the past. then there is Vasana, signifying lust. ( Or is that some sort of confessional thing? !!) The names on the hindi TV serials are probably showing the way.. so you have a Vansh meaning the race/clan, Sandhi, which was something I dreaded when learning sanskrit at school, Nami, which is ..well, very dampening... Then again, each to his own, I suppose, but would you not want your child to be the future rather than the Ateet ?

Of course, you could always remind how fruitful your life is, and name your child Apple - a la Gwyneth Paltrow!
Just a thought...
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