Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creatures of habit

Unseasonal rains... Pune has been seeing some of those for the past few days... never mind my friends who swear it is because I bought a few umbrellas on the off season clearance... :) This means that every evening the skies just open up and then the deluge. And deluge it is, mostly for a short time during which the roads are flooded and anyone on them is drenched to the skin. The greenery looks lush and beautiful after,but I digress.
Every evening, without fail, we walk our dogs ... or they walk us. We are as used to the walk as they are and the routine never varies. Grab the keys, shout for the dogs (who are hovering around us around walk time anyway and are out the door way before us), lock the door, grab the leash, grab a dog each and set off...
Imagine a scenario where the clouds look ominous and you hope to finish walking two big , walk addicted dogs before it pours. So last evening, when the clouds gathered, beautiful, heavy and threatening all at the same time, my husband just rushed around getting the windows shut and the place in order ( We live in a bunglow) before the walk. As he rushed around, he called out to the dogs and me (in that order) and grabbed the keys to the door. He was out the door and locked the place and grabbed the leash, all in super hero time. Very impressive... The dogs too rushed around joyously, impatiently... one next to me and the other inside the house... Super hero had locked up the very dog he was to walk! And so engrossed was he in the routine, he did not realize it initially.. When I got my dog, the vet told me that they do well on routine as they are creatures of habit. So used are we to their habits, we are becoming creatures of habit ourselves... I hope the day when we have to walk without the dogs is far away, but for now, I saw an expression on my husband's face that reminded me of another animal.. sheep..

So, here is the question, can you walk the dog, if the dog is missing? :)

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