Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just for the asking....

Book stores... one of my favourite places to be. Today I was at one and as usual ended up with more books ( eleven, to be exact) than I should have, at one go. The books are not really the subject of this post. While I was at the billing counter, the person put them in bright bags ( which I like for the small trivia that they have on them, but which I dislike for being plastic.. I am not militant about environmental issues, but I try not to add to the mess...)

Knowing that it will be just one more bag waiting at home to be put to good use, I asked the person why they do not have paper bags . "You want paper bag, ma'am?" he asked and pulled out some paper bags made out of newspaper. They had a label that proclaimed that the eco friendly bags were made by the Nirmalya trust, which helps the physically challenged.

So sometimes, all you have to do is ask!

P.S.I was surprised to see the brown paper bags that Big Bazaar is bagging it's veggies in, when I visited recently after a long gap.


  1. It is wonderful isn't it that most places today do have paper bags.

    I do try to do my bit when it comes to plastic bags. I carry my own when I go shopping, so I end up reusing most of the plastc bags while avoiding getting new ones. I used to forget to carry them, Now I carry a couple of small ones in my purse and have a bunch in the car, so I am never left without a plastic bag, when I go shopping :)

  2. Hi Smitha, I try to do the same, but get caught out sometimes.. just today I decided( you are obviously more evolved at this) to keep some more plastic bags, used ones, in the car. That way I'll not be caught without them...


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