Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rapunzel complex

I wonder if Rapunzel, who let down her hair for the prince and lived happily ever after, was ever tempted to cut her hair. Now that she had escaped from her lonely tower and settled into wedded bliss (since I assume that 'living in' was probably not an option in fairy tales, but that should be the subject of another post) with age and greying. Imagine having to color hair that long!! By the time you did the tips, the roots would probably be ready for the next round. If she were fond of the low maintenance life, she must have cut it, or at least thought about it and turned it over in her mind.

I am not very patient with all that needs to be done for beauty. Which means that the world has to like me or leave me just the way I am. This also means that while I think about getting that great haircut often, I have worn my hair long for most of my adult life. Yes, long is less work... because you can let it dry any which way, you can have it go a couple of days without worrying about style, you can just bundle it up or braid it when you have no time for a quick shampoo before a party. I know people think that long hair is difficult to manage, but if like me, you do not worry about the grey (recently a friend of mine commented that it was all the grey matter inside, spilling out. Going by the amount of grey and that theory, I should have none inside the head by now) then, long hair is simple to manage. Let me point out the ways..
1. No regular haircuts needed to keep the look intact.
2. You sweep it up roughly and then pin it with one of the umpteen clips available in the market these days.
3. No styling post washing.
4. No setting needed.
and so on .. the benefits are many .. and to top it people think you take so much care, to which you can nod and take credit. So you can make sheer laziness look like lot of effort (love that part).

I am told that middle age means that you feel like shorter (read more here) hair.. so far I have resisted the urge and my inertia has helped.... who knows what Rapunzel did?


  1. Funny! Glad you've kept your hair long!

  2. Even i feel the same way for hair . Long is so much more convenient . True for any other beauty routine too , regular care is so difficult .

  3. Haha! But I disagree ;)) I am so happy with my shorter hair. No styling required, not even combing! Long hair was such a headache, and requires pins and such accessories to keep in place :) I have written about my hair cut experiences too :)

    A quite enjoyable read :)


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