Thursday, October 21, 2010

She stands and waits.. she may do something other than what he wishes. Thirteen years ago when they got married, he coaxed her into giving up her job, promising her a glamorous life style, better opportunities and a safer place to nurture a family. She quit and moved. Then there were the children and given that as a merchant mariner he was away for long periods, it made sense to not have a full time job.. the kids and home would be better with her full focus, is it not?.... he asked her.

She agreed, though she thought that she could manage, but he was right... after all the kids were young. The kids started school and she broached the issue again.. Didn't they need help with their homework? and what of the after school activities.. they needed someone to ferry them, right? It sort of seemed to make sense, though she dreamt of what she would do when they were a little older and started full time school.

It was the right time now, she thought and promised her friend part time assistance with an NGO which helped young children read and write. No, he shook his head.. my parents visit often and my mom will get bored when she is at home alone, especially when I am away....... but what about me, sitting alone for the past thirteen years.. she wanted to scream.

I am there to take care of you, sweetheart.. why do you need to work? you just enjoy the spoils of my global trips .. you are so pretty.. just stay that way... he said.

Edited to add- A friend read this post and said suggested I make a story out of this episode that happened at my yoga class. The incident so far is as was narrated by the lady in question. So what would you do if you were living in urban India today, were educated and equipped with more facets than just the maternal instinct (which most women are, even if they choose to prioritise according to circumstances)?

Here is a bit of fiction for this ending...

Can I go to the beauty salon? she asked..... of course, you must.. just pamper yourself, he said indulgently. As she pulled out of the driveway, she smiled in anticipation.. she was meeting 'him' .. Don't you worry.. I shall be pampered. I only wish I had begun this long ago ...


  1. This is such a common situation with so many women . Even if they are working they never have the right to decide and choose ....

    Loved the ending ..

  2. I loved the fictional ending! :P


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