Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exchange Value

Give in the old, and take new ones .. happens all the time these days.. Exchange offers.. Tv,cars, cooking ranges, Pressure cookers,... and Parents!. Yes, you read right.. parents as in mom and dad, Janmdatas.. If it were not enough to see Rakhi Sawant going thru the coy motions of choosing her 'life partner' (even after marriage,celebrity partnerships fall prey to so many breaks,  it is advisable to keep them open ended) and see Rahul Mahajan pick his bride and eventually be accused of violence by the blushing bride, you could see Sara, an inmate of the big boss house pick and marry her partner on the show, now you can change another partnership.. the one you are born into.. your parents!

 BIG SWITCH, a show on UTV bindass, which attempts to give parents and children a taste of what the otehr half deal with... bratty kids for parents, chosen by the children who feel that parents complain too much and tough parents  for kids used to easy lives. The idea ostensibly is to give all the participants (and the viewers) a different view of life, different from what they are used to ..

As a popular ad says, 'Next is what?'!!


  1. This is something like Wife Swap which used to come in TLC (Good old Travel and Living) channel...and trust me, sometimes....for all the cribbing and complaining, its alright to put them through it...

  2. When people are on a show and they know that it is just a show, I do not know how effective it is.. or it is all just for effect! But I agree, we all should walk in other people's shoes occasionally... adds to perspective...


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