Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NEWS with a view

I would have thought that with all the scams, politics (or is that one and the same?), gold medals etc, the newspapers would be infact too full to have any space  for lesser stuff. I obviously do not know the media. One story(?) that caught my attention and held it ( mostly because I could not believe I was reading the headline) was that of Yana Gupta and her errr..wardrobe malfunction. For those who might have missed this tidbit in their quest for real news, it was the front page , almost a quarter of it, talking about how she had got caught on camera without her unmentionables. Then again, it was most mentionable, as the headlines loudly proclaimed 'I am the no panty girl'. Now, I do know that the little extra bit that comes with the regular Times of India every day is more like Masala times than anything newsy, but still.... never thought I'd see this and more importantly in such cheerful terms almost lauding her for being "sporting". I am not a prude (and my children will support me on this), but I think I can do without such NEWS.

The other bit of news (well, sort of ) came to me via email and it was a story that is worth sharing. I am sure we have probably heard about it and read about it before but such stories are worth repeating as they leave a pleasant feeling behind, make you want to do something too. It is simply called "hole-in-the-wall", a concept initiated by Dr. Sugata Mitra, who just put a computer in a wall adjoining a slum area and gave free access to the people around. The children came to it in hordes and learnt how to use it by themselves.No matter how it started and what prompted it, it was a great idea to give children who otherwise may not have it, access  to computers.

No matter how many times I read about stuff like 'hole-in-the-wall'  it seems a great idea and wonderful news that people are getting access to information and technology. Is the other news item really news? I am sure the world can and will survive very well if we hear less about a model/ starlet/ celebrity(??) not wearing something. They make news for that reason anyway. Can we have a little less of that??


  1. news is not what the media makes of it, but what the audience makes of it and from what i know of the incident, the headline was bestowed by the actress on herself.

  2. hey.. i read a lot of your articles.. and loved them! keep writing!
    i love your point of view and your honesty in expressing it :)

  3. @ Yadu, welcome to my space. You are probably absolutely on the button whem you say the actress bestowed the headline. After all is it not the rule that 'no publicity, is bad publicity'? And the more controversial the headline, the more eyeballs.. As for the media not making the news, I think the audience is carefully lead to see whatever they want to.. The recent hullabullo on the Radia tapes .. one journalist saw one story while some others did not, till they became the story... Everyone is human, so there is some bias always..

    Radha, Thank you so much for the kind words. look forward to more interaction and feedback.. :)

  4. i think the audience these days is mature enough to form opinions for themselves, whatever the bias.

    the audience that is able to think for itself,that is.

  5. Hi Yadu,
    It's wonderful to be able to discuss these kind of things .. The audience is smart enough and we are able to think for ourselves, but what if we never come to know of it? There are so many instances of cover-ups coming out later.. my point is that I did not expect the front page of a heavyweight newspaper to carry such stuff.. I have absolute faith in the intelligence of the audience! :)

  6. if you do not come to know of something, so what?

    life does not change if you didnt know.

  7. There is nothing offensive about what Yana did or its coverage by the media. But, it should be shown as a celebrity/bollywood coverage instead of putting it under entertainment/news section.

  8. Be happy that the news was not telecast as 'Breaking News'. Our journalism has hit the pits what with the brazening out of the Radiagate scandal and all.

    But yes, like you, I keep looking for nuggets like yours that lay buried somewhere amidst the Yanas and other celebrity (non)news.


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