Monday, November 15, 2010

Stereotype Damage

Not withstanding the progressive step by the judiciary on the status of gay/ lesbian relationships, the popular opinion may never change. Thanks to the portrayal of such relationships and the people in them on TV and Cinema. Case at hand being a serial called "Baat Hamari Pakki Hai" on Sony. The Serial recently had the lead character called Shravan claiming , under a hypnotic spell, that he was in love with Pappuu, another character. The absurdity is crowned by the adverse reactions of the family, who scream things like "Tumne khandaan ka naam dubo diya" ( you have ruined the family name) , " Aaj tak is khaandaan nein aisa nahin hua" ( this has never happened in this family before) and many such derogatory and regressive lines. In fact whole episodes( more than one) are devoted to this theme with this kind of dialogue. The hero protests his ' innocence' ( really?) and berates himself on such deviant( really, really?) behaviour with lines like' no wonder my father and brother want to turn me out of the house'.

How can a show so regressive be on air? Why are the producers producing it, the actors ready to play these roles and the channel air it? It sets back the clock with the viewers. Any hard won victory in the courts will be forgotten and same sex love will be termed deviant in the court of popular opinion. Do we really need this in the name of comedy and raising the TRPs??

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  1. what crap! but should we expect anything better from the producers of such shows who like to capture on screen a very provocatively dressed celebrities and guys drooling over them... (referring to Big Boss!)....


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