Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Floor cleaners and spectacles

 A friend's daughter travels the world and brings home all kind of potions, lotions and beauty aids for her. Not the very beauty conscious kind, she had no real preferences. The other day while washing her hair, she picked up one at random and when she opened it, smelled "neem". Thinking of all the herbal products on the market, she applied some on her hair. The lack of lather did not really bother her, and she just put some more which seemed to seep into her scalp. Shrugging at the seemingly large quantities of shampoo needed, she poured a liberal dose on to her head and felt a burning sensation. Puzzled, she decided grabbed her reading glasses and read "Floor cleaner" on the label. She has sworn to keep her glasses with her at all times!

By the way, her head looks clean and shiny!


  1. Once while we were getting ready to go out, my mother said the cream that she put on her face must have passed the expiry date cos it smelled funny.
    Only when I looked at what was in her hand, we rolled on the floor laughing. Well she was using crack foot cream :D
    Mothers do the funniest things, I say! :)

  2. Shail.. disaster is right.. but the hair seems to be ok!!
    G yes, moms can be forgetful... my sons can vouch for this..


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