Friday, December 30, 2011


It's said be careful what you wish for,
because it just might come true.
and if that does so happen,
you might not know what next to do.

Hopes and wishes criss-cross our mind,
and a tangled web they weave,
that  hold in those gossamer threads,
our happiness, we believe.

It seems in each one of us,
resides many a different person,
so you may want at the same time,
stillness and yet to be in motion.

Often all that we wish for,
may not be all in tandem,
and if we search within us,
may look at odds and random.

Wishes and hopes that take us,
 up many a varied path,
are often what when fulfilled,
pull us this way and that..

Sometimes a wish fulfilled makes us greedy,
for more and more and more,
At others, does the wish lose its luster
leave you wondering what you were clamouring for?

Do wishes come tagged with,
a 'best by' expiration date?
After which even if they come true,
it's just too little and too late?

If wishes were just horses,
that we could easily get astride,
then would we cherish any when fulfilled,
or use and cast them aside?

Is there a limit on the number of wishes,
that are granted in a lifetime?
And as you get  to the end of your share,
is there any tell-tale sign?

Does that mean you should ration,
with extreme care your wishes?
For that which you really need,
before your share is used up and perishes?

So be careful what you wish for,
it might just come true.
And if that does happen ,
you may not know what next to do!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A fairy(less) tale. Yet another frog!

This is a story about winning,
and about what gets winners there,
about how its all within each one,
all he has to is dare.

Once there was a frog princess,
to whose hand every frog aspired.
the choice was for her very difficult,
she was beautiful and much admired.

At first the tests were rather simple,
and many suitors did just get through,
but slowly in time as they progressed,
things took on a tougher hue.

The final test had the worthy few,
who got through every test.
But this last one would tell surely,
who among them, was the very best.

The tower that the princess lived in,
was the tallest in every land,
He who could scale it well,
would win for himself, her pretty hand.

It was not a task for the faint hearted,
as you could even fall and die!
So were cautioned in advance,
those who wanted to give it a try.

So with caution  most proceeded,
but for this one feisty guy.
While fear coloured all their hopes,
this one seemed to aim for the sky.

As the crowds beneath them shouted,
warnings and good luck slogans all,
they began their journey up,
their hopes and fears holding them in thrall.

The higher up they reached,
the more caution the crowds advised.
and the more they heeded everyone,
with less progress, they surprised.

One by one they fell by the way,
as they came to points they could not pass,
some travelled a little more,
but most joined below, the screaming mass.

At last, there was just the feisty one,
who hopped and leaped with heed to none,
He took his own time doing it,
but finally at the top was the only one.

As he kissed his blushing bride,
there was but one question on every  lip.
The secret to his winning streak,
every one was hoping for this useful tip.

"You never seemed to need advice,
and single minded made it to the top".
"Pardon me for not paying heed,
I have a cold and my ears just wouldn't pop".

He could not hear well he said,
and had relied on himself and what he thought best.
The shouts and screams of the nay-sayers,
thus never gave him pause in his quest.

The moral to this un-fairy tale,
cannot be repeated often enough.
When we want to chase our dreams,
at times it is best to be just stone deaf!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another modern fairy tale!

I grew up listening to these stories,
before I could even read,
Later on, books brought them alive,
and through many fantasies me lead.

The dragons, witches, villains too,
at first, all thrilled  my heart,
but  slowly I noticed that the princess did,
nothing but wait  from the start.

Looking in every page,
for the girl I would like to grow up and be,
no matter how hard I looked,
I did not think any of them was me.

The story was so simple,
it seemed a surety
Why, it was every little girl's right,
to get a prince charming at maturity!

Snow white, Rose red, Cinderella, Rapunzel,
in fairy tales out west,
Sita, Draupadi, Rukmini in the east,
wed men who loved them best.

It mattered not who you were,
there was a prince for every princess in the land
Dwarfs, witches, wicked step- moms,
every peril did the love withstand.

But the more I thought, it seemed so odd,
 that she waited for a prince to come along.
Could she not have just helped herself?
Their love might have been more strong.

Could Rapunzel not have used her hair,
and slid down the tall tower?
Cinderella, with her fairy godmother
had a better life, using all her power?

Princesses these days don't need,
rescuing anymore.
They can grab life by the horns
and settle their own score.

Men and women of today,
are no different in what they can do,
Getting together for a better life,
is what they need to do.

Now it can be a fairy tale,
if  it has all on equal terms
a story that pulls at your heart strings,
solely for the love it reaffirms.

Helpless damsels in distress,
were the norm in every old fairy tale.
I have this sneaky suspicion,
the authors were all male!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Powder and paint.

Nose is so red,
feeling so blue,
the head aches dully,
and the eyes water too.

The problem begins ,
at the top of the head,
the hair caked and matted
looks completely dead.

The tips of the toes,
have not been spared too,
dry and so cracked,
they will not fit in any shoe.

Nowhere to run,
as the dust flies around,
nowhere to hide
fumes every corner abound.

When will it end,
cannot be answered by any.
What do you do?
It is self inflicted agony!!.

Everything else after,
may look ever better
save my own self,
that will never recover.

Woe betide thoughts of beauty,
that held me in sway,
Now, wish the house painters,
would just go away!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me and you and everyone.

Human mind is a funny thing,
on what it lavishes care.
We fret about how we look,
and choose accessories with care.

We agonise over the phone we buy,
wanting the latest and the best,
but so lost are we in the quest for more,
for leisurely chats are hard pressed.

We talk a lot about making the world,
a nicer, better place,
but when it comes to doing something,
it's just an empty phrase.

We often confuse happiness,
as having the best of everything,
never thinking that it could be about,
on our blessings focusing.

We put together such lovely homes,
with all that money can buy,
but  often don't spend time in them,
as for the next on the "get" list we try

We think nothing of crossing the line,
never mind what a child's interest,
fulfilling our expectations
becomes Love's litmus test.
If we think it looks good  for us,
we spend generously too,
on looks and clothes and status symbols,
and boast of the charity we do.

Lip service to any cause that counts,
is what we do the best,
Appearances are paramount,
public perception, the acid test.

Human mind is a funny thing,
as it never realizes how,
by keeping up and cloning everyone,
we dilute our very being somehow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Festive sheen

It was a very festive time of year,
that time to have it all.
Treats, lights and everything new,
for everyone, big and small.

Glitzy, glittery and shining new,
everyone was busy touting wares.
It was not about if you needed it or not,
but showing the world  you had umpteen spares.

In the middle of all the melee,
so out of place she did seem,
thin, waif like, almost  ethereal.
like glimpses from a forgotten dream.

Now you saw her and now you didn't,
lost in  bright lights and the milling crowd.
Out of place in the razzle dazzle
her presence did some mystery shroud.

A tattered bundle was all she had,
held tightly in her hand
seeming torn between taking flight
rooted like a statue, did she stand.

Advancing, almost trance like,
she seemed to plead with me,
Offering me the little bundle,
so that I could better see.

Intrigued by that gesture then ,
I stepped up for a closer look.
A small baby slept curled inside,
for what a clothes bundle I mistook.

"Give me anything that you have right now.
Just take her away from me.
I have nothing left now, to give her,
and responsible for her cannot be."

As a  mother of young children myself,
I felt a flood moral outrage.
How could a mother give away her child
no matter what hunger she needed to assuage?

She shrank within, as I accused her,
of stealing for money, that little baby.
A mother would have sold herself,
or died in the attempt maybe!!

"I tried" she cried, "but no one wants,
to buy a mother with child",
Saying so, she turned and ran,
her voice echoing, ringing wild.

The festive night was upon us
all dressed up and places to go,
we celebrated late into the night,
with laughter, lights, stories and more

Along with other stories regaled,
I told of the woman who kidnapped to sell,
All my friends and family agreed,
to drive her away, I did well..

The next morning as I read the news
this story jumped out at me.
A baby had been flung to death.
by a man who paid for the mother's body.

The woman had then killed the man.
a loose woman, it implied.
In such auspicious climes for her body to sell,
could she not something else have tried?.

The glittering goods, the festive shine,
did not dim the least,
For, a woman who tried to sell a child and killed a man,
just had to be a beast!!

Happy Diwali everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What women want....

Diamonds are a girl's best friend,
gold is warm and friendly too,
cash can be comforting,
these days, even plastic cards will do!!

While these might all do very well,
for life's dark and rainy day
It takes much more to impress girls,
no matter what you've heard say.

Any one with cash to spare,
can gold and diamonds procure,
but to make it truly magical,
your heart and soul in it you must  pour.

A few warm words, a hug sometimes,
and a loving look, straight into her eyes,
some pretty  flowers, trinkets and more,
are all just words to the wise.

Most importantly, you will need to listen,
to what she has to say.
Then give it all the thought it needs,
let not  impatience lead you astray.

When once you have learnt to listen,
everything will fall in place.
You will know exactly what she needs,
and with your winning ways, amaze.

No matter how absurd they seem,
be there for her, to quiet her fears,
and even if you cannot understand,
gently wipe away her tears.
There may be times when logic fails,
why she should never cry ,
At such times just be that strong shoulder,
on which her tears can dry.

Big, garish, expensive gifts
might not ever do the trick.,
but she'd love something that says you understand,
exactly what makes her tick.

Just what she means to you,
and how much she lights  up your life,
is what she needs to hear from you,
in times of calm or strife.

Sleep-ins and breakfasts in bed,
a deep kiss for no reason,
a tender touch, a loving pat,
that tell of a love for every season.

But mind, no matter what you do,
you must remember this,
if it does not come from the heart,
it will not her ever please.

Once she knows you love her so,
that no one can her ever replace,
gold and diamonds, material things,
become unimportant,oh so common place!

So should you ever want to know,
what it is a woman wants,
just remember nothing pleases her more,
than knowing your heart and soul she haunts!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Heroes do not always,
stand out to every eye
Some times they are so hard to spot,
they look like the next door guy.

They can almost never fly,
and have no dazzling  capes to drape,
Tall, short, small or large,
they come in every size and shape.

Lightning flashes never announce,
their arrival on the scene,
and sometimes they just go away,
as if  they never have been.

Fame night never light their way,
and there may be no awards,
the world may never know of them,
they'd break no records.

Super speed, flashing lights,
tolling bells or puffs of smoke,
none of these will you ever see
no matter how hard you look.

If you find all this hard to believe,
it is not so hard to prove
Just look closely at your life,
and you'll see who your life did improve.

There are some people in your life
who are the ones that make you, 'you!'
some you  acknowledge openly,
while some you never do.

It may be your first grade teacher,
who taught you  to deal with a bully
or the friend who gave you good advice,
that helped when followed truly.

A parent who gave you the courage to try,
and follow your heart's desire,
even for what the world  did say,
it was out of your reach to aspire.

An uncle an aunt, a brother, a mate,
who wiped your tears and stood by you in your lows.
True heroes who managed to ensure,
you life smoothly flows.

The ones who make you who you are
and help you everything sort.
Every life has its share of heroes,
whether you  acknowledge them or not!

So next time you think of a hero,
just look closer home.
Knowing them might inspire,
you to be one, for some!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hebephrenia ... anyone?

Parenting... parenting teenagers especially, has people  pulling their hair out. Not the easiest people to understand at best of times, living with teenagers can drive the best of us round the bend never mind how much you love them. A recent and much needed addition to my vocabulary is 'Hebephrenia'  that defines the disorganized behaviour of young adults/ teens.  So finally there is  a word  that tells it all. Makes me feel better that there are enough parents being tormented that they have to have a word for it!! But some times we need more than one word....   A friend  and someone who also dabbles with words, wrote these in a moment of  frustration, irritation... about her fourteen year old... .... A wonderful mother, Mridu uses a mix of humour, firmness, discipline and loads of love to parent her two lovely kids. She is my guest blogger for this post.

  • -

    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down
    You say you will be back by 6:30
    I wait the hour, confident you will be back
    Everyday you come well past the time,
    When an excuse of five-10 minutes delay
    That makes me believe that you tried
    Is also not possible
    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down

    You say you love life and want the best for yourself
    Yet do everything in a manner that is totally contrary
    You seem to understand what I explain
    I believe there will be a change
    Everyday I am confident that this is a day
    That the start of change is happening
    And I can say you have got a hold of your life
    As the day ends you seem clueless where the thread of your life lies, forget holding it
    I can’t even pretend that the start to grasping the thread of your life has begun
    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down

    I just want you to be happy today and tomorrow
    And I firmly believe that it is possible to be happy both today and tomorrow
    You too seem to believe in my belief
    But your actions say that one is at the expense of others
    I can’t bear the thought of you defeated, unhappy, unsure in future
    So I still believe in you
    And hope that you will not let me down tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Outside the window last night,
there seemed someone on the prowl,
looking in,  beady eyed,
it was a great big owl.

Talking of this next morning,
I was told it was not a good omen.
'Did it enter your home?
oh, that should never happen!'

Do animals  I wonder,
ever talk of how they spent their day?
Did the owl go home and discuss,
the humans he'd seen on his way?

Did his folks also warn him,
to keep away from all things  human?
Did they say that humans
for any other species, can be a bad omen?

If  a cat by just crossing our path
can bring ill luck to us,
do we by crossing her path,
foretell a bad day for the puss?

A rabbit's foot by some of us,
may be thought of as lucky,
But having had to give up his foot,
just how lucky can the rabbit be?

As for those night time creatures,
 the bats give some the shivers,
while for yet other people,
they are just good luck givers.

We do not even spare,
the tiny bugs and the beetles.
While some think of spiders as creepy,
others see in them, the end of their troubles.

Why do  the 'mighty' humans,
who think of them selves as  'best',
need the 'lesser' mortals,
and in them such meaning invest?!

Can not the high and mighty,
depend on themselves?
It might be more fitting ,
if for inner strength  each one delves!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

To be sleeping..... beauty!

Have you ever wondered,
how life would be after a hundred years of sleep?
And to wake up with a dreamy kiss,
from a man who loves you deep.

Sleeping beauty might have had a tale,
worthy of big screen glamour and glitz
But ask a woman worth her salt,
and she'll confess, those are the intriguing bits.

Oh it is very nice to be an only child,
welcomed with love and open arms.
To be so blessed by fairies and lesser folks,
that you live life on your terms.

To be beautiful and virtuous,
and have the world at your beck and call.
To have the world as your  personal oyster,
and everyday a fancy ball!

The envy though of everyone,
especially of the moms and married ones,
is the long deep sleep
and a kiss that your senses truly stuns.

For the riches you can acquire,
the virtues cultivate,
beauty even comes in bottles now,
that can be bought before it gets out of date.

But waking up same after such long sleep,
is on every woman's wish list,
And then no questions on dinner, only a passionate kiss,
is the best ever fairy tale twist!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!

The one thing I have noticed
in my life all  along,
is that when men try to tell you things,
they often get it wrong.

It does not matter what their age,
 they have one thing in common.
They find it hard to say simple things,
especially about emotion.

They often display anger brilliantly
and  show irritation well,
but ask them about tender feelings,
and it's like they are under a mute spell.

Maybe it begins at birth,
as little girls smile and coo when satisfied.
while little boys just grunt and sleep
unless when upset enough, they cried.

True to their selves they get excited by
snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
Frogs, buttons and gadgets hold them spellbound,
better then princess tales.

The hugs they just suffer through,
and the  kisses they endure,
when all they prefer to talk about,
is sports, games and how they score.

It might just change a little bit,
as big boys they become,
the games change to include now,
girls, girls, girls and then some.

Oh their fluency would impress you,
and lead you to believe,
that they can say exactly what would please,
each and every eve.

But don't let that ever fool you though,
they are still those little boys,
the ones that rather have teeth pulled out,
than  their deepest feelings voice.

So it can be all up to you,
to figure out what they mean,
or else it might take a lifetime for you,
to some sense from their conversation glean.!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Death tell us apart.

The first thing I remember  growing up,
was this girl next door to me.
So well liked and popular,
all I wanted then, was just like her to be.

I copied all she did and said,
and almost became a second her.
It thrilled me when all praised me too,
like clones or twins we were.

When I grew up some more then,
and found  I was expected,
to be more just like my loving mom,
so it was her persona I perfected.

On and off it happened again,
at times, it was a teacher much admired,
at others an aunt, a cousin or a friend,
each one in turn, in me I acquired.

At times I heard a voice inside,
that asked if this was all that life meant to me,
but I quelled it right there and then,
as I focused on who next I should be.

One by one, they did pass on,
and of the pretense I grew weary.
At long last then,  I did ask of  death,
when she would come for me.

She looked at me surprised and asked
Just who are you? Have you not died many times?
The people who you wanted to be,
their going was one of the signs.

Each time you became someone else,
you lost a part of you.
You were so good at being them,
as yourself,  not a thing did you do.

While it is good to be inspired,
by all those around you see,
when you never fight for your identity,
you eventually cease to be.

I am not so sure when it will be your time
because you have never ever lived.
All you did was be someone else,
In your self you never believed.

No matter how good someone else,
true to yourself you must be.
Only then can you claim or say,
you've lived or died fully!!

Memory lane

If you should ever wander,
down memory lane,
you almost get that feeling,
of  living your life again.

Of course, it may not always be,
what you might expect.
Oh, there are those highs you look for,
also some downs you never suspect.

Some memories brilliant and colourful,
dazzling by their shine.
Some so drab and so weathered,
showing signs of dust and decline.

Like a very interesting maze,
to which you have the keys,
you slip in and out easy,
through a crowd of memories.

The echoes of some past laughter,
and the happy glow,
it comes alive that instant,
even if it happened long ago.

Then there are some corners
you'd rather not explore,
for the fear of the pain and darkness,
that they still might  hold in store.

Memories always do something ,
bring  you pleasure or  pain.
Some even so powerful,
the future they ordain.

When you look back at them,
lying strewn around,
some of them are keepers,
while some better buried underground.

Big, bad or small or ugly,
they define who you are.
They help to keep you anchored,
should you ever drift afar.

And even if nothing matters,
this is a walk all must take,
going down memory lane,
just for old time's sake!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rooted unreality

Do you ever remember
that childhood game of 'pretend'?
You were who you wanted to be,
and did reality  suspend.

An engine driver for a day,
when the engine was not even there.
Oh those delicious meals you created,
that came and disappeared into thin air.

You were who you chose to be,
from one day to the next.
Nothing stopped you  from pretending,
you were what you loved best.

You were so all-powerful,
you saved the world all alone,
Or just waited for your prince charming,
to share your beautiful throne.

That world of make believe,
was so very wonderful.
It may not have meant much to anyone,
but for you it was very real.

Then you had to grow up,
and leave that world behind.
You were told it did not work that way,
just because you had it in  your mind.

Pretend though you still did,
as you faced the daily grind.
You just clothed it in better words,
as with 'diplomacy' you arrived.

Whatever got you ahead,
is what you said you liked.
No matter what the reality,
you had yourself well psyched.

That may be the way of the world,
and necessary to live,
but here is another thought,
you may want some time to give.

Diplomacy and fantasy,
that help handle the adult world today,
are grown from seeds that as children,
were planted yesterday.

So next time you get stuck for an answer,
and don't know what to do,
just go back into that carefree childhood,
and it may just come to you!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Justice served

This is an interesting  age we live in,
for justice is well served,
just ask the man leaving his girl friends place,
caught on camera, felt unnerved.

His wife left him and he felt bad,
so he did the only thing he could.
He waged a case against the picture,
and found wealth he otherwise never would.

In another story, a little woman,
ordered a hot drink to soothe her nerves.
So upset was she, when she spilled it on herself.
she felt legal redress was the only course.

The battle went on for a bit,
as it was felt she should have known,
that when you ask for something hot,
you should never tip it on your gown.

In what was thought as perfect justice,
they settled the battle well.
Richer than she could ever hope for,
the signs of the hurt the wealth did dispel.

Recently a young man claimed,
that he had done some research.
That a scent meant to attract lady loves,
did nothing for him, except his name besmirch.

So he too gained enough wealth,
to make up for his lost name.
making everyone wonder how,
they too could be winners in such game.

The moral of these stories is.
that modern life is fair and just.
It may break all rules of good sense,
but for wealth, fight for a silly cause you must!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Words in stone.

This you may have heard before,
it is so oft repeated,
that sticks and stones, may break bones
but with words no hurt can be meted.

What strength do mere words have,
as compared to solid stone and stick?
They can always force a point home,
better than fragile words you hear and ink.

While one can't dispute the simple truth
that bones broken bones will ache,
the ache subsides in sometime,
if the right remedies you take.

On the other hand, the words we use everyday,
just slip quietly by,
so familiar, so many, so everywhere,
we ignore what they can do or deny.

But there are times when a simple word,
can change your very world.
A word can cause you to crash or soar,
depending on what you are told.

Words can cut deeper than swords,
to wounds that might never heal,
and even if they manage to,
the scars nothing can conceal.

Words can also act as salve,
to the bruised or broken spirit.
They can reach deep into the soul
and give it the greatest lift.

The power to hurt and the power to heal,
the power that words can wield.
While sticks and stones can only hurt,
words can fit every need !!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An afterlife story

He had put his life together,
slowly piece by piece,
and made  a great big fortune,
built a life of ease.

Now that he was getting on,
he knew his end was near,
the only thing that bothered him,
was leaving back all that was dear.

Oh, he knew that his loved ones,
would follow him some day.
It was his treasured possessions,
he'd have to leave and go away.

Was there a way that he could,
take it all along with him,
for a man who cracked countless deals,
could he crack one with HIM?

Determination had got him,
all that he could ask,
to get god to make an exception,
he set himself the task.

He prayed and put himself through,
the hardest penance ever,
The 'powers that be' relented,
and blessed his endeavour.

The joy almost killed him,
but he managed to get it together,
and converted all his wealth,
into the most precious thing ever.

Relieved at his good fortune,
he dreamed of a great afterlife,
A time and place so wonderful,
so peaceful and without any strife.

The day arrived at long last,
when he made his journey onward.
fraught with difficulties though it was,
he managed to carry the wealth forward.

At the gates he got crowded,
for all had heard of the miracle,
that he could carry what he wanted,
unheard of in the life and death cycle.

With bated breath all waited,
as the bags were duly unlocked,
When they saw what was inside,
it left them all very shocked.

Why would you need to bring along,
something so worthless and abundant?
Of all the things he could have ,
he'd brought with him some pavement.

He had forgotten in his worldly wisdom,
what he'd been repeatedly been told
that the streets of heaven were paved,
with precious stones and gold.

So next time you ask for anything,
be of somethings wholly aware,
what may be great for the here and now,
may be totally worthless elsewhere!!

P.S.  Be careful what you ask for,
It might just come true
and when it does it just might,
not be what is best for you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hidden treasure.

Have you ever stored away,
a feeling like it were a rare treasure?
So precious, you felt you must,
examine it at leisure.

Almost as if viewing it in public,
soils it somewhat.
As if it were a rare and beautiful,
irreplaceable work of art

It could be a feeling,
a thought or an emotion,
something that was said to you,
or even just a notion.
You hoard it like a miser,
taking it out with great care,
gloating over it a for just a bit,
with the rest of the world unaware.

It may be a well kept secret,
or something that all do know,
but the meaning that it holds for you,
does not to others show.

That delight you felt when your baby,
first called you mother,
or that moment when you first realized,
that you were deeply loved by another.

What makes it even more precious,
is that it feels like custom made.
It warms and comforts only you,
that feeling nothing can abrade.

It may just make you feel,
loved more or just wanted,
remind  you of the good times,
and in life's lows,to go on undaunted.

No matter what else money can buy,
it cannot match such a feeling,
the strength of such emotions,
give life its very meaning.

Joys may grow on sharing,
and sorrows may diminish,
but there are some such feelings,
that are only our own to cherish!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A childhood dream

As he sat beside those pots,
made out of mud and clay,
he seemed to meld right in,
in that earthy array.

Young and strong and eager to help,
he carried and he fetched,
and did exactly as he was bid,
covered  in dusty rusty red.

He seemed so quick on his feet,
and sharp with cost and price.
He seemed to have everything on finger tips,
in dealing with all so wise.

Impressed with his winning ways,
she had got him  books to read,
to replace the ones she'd seen him with,
all tattered and dog eared.

Excited at receiving gifts,
that he had never expected to,
he flipped through them,
putting them away, profusely thanked her too.

Smilingly she asked him if,
he would, a story to her read,
He could not read, he said dismayed,
or else he would have hastily agreed.

At school? she asked,
wondering how he could have missed it out.
He shook his head and said simply,
'Work and earn for family I can't do without.'

To her great surprise, he confessed,
he'd never been inside a school.
The books, he said, were just his dream,
someday he hoped to learn to read up whole.

Learning comes all through life,
but school, friends, teachers;  happy childhood for all.
Losing a childhood dream is sad,
but imagine having no childhood at all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Luck by chance!!

You can never say if you are lucky or not,
till you are dead and done.
You cannot be sure of what you've gained or lost.
till beyond the grave you're gone.

If  you don't get what you think,
is for you, the very best,
you might feel very low right then,
but with greater happiness be blessed.

There is an Indian fable,
that tells this very well.
Its about this king who got injured,
when off his horse he fell.

It was all so frustrating,
the  pain  and the discomfort.
It put him in a terrible temper,
every movement a terrible effort.

Not only did he curse his fate,
he also had all those fired,
who said it just might be a blessing,
no matter what transpired.

So full of pity for himself,
he was lost to all good sense,
he fell right into a trap,
making the situation more tense.

A sacrificial offering to the gods,
he seemed  certain to be,
his fate was almost sealed,
when they chanced his injuries to see.

Finding him less than perfect,
as an offering has to be,
they did not go through with it,
and right then set him free.

In pain, but full of gratitude,
for escaping a fate so terrible,
he made it back to his palace,
as soon as he was able.

Right away he called a meeting,
and summoning those he had fired,
apologized profusely for his conduct,
with humility newly acquired.

He said he saw the wisdom,
in what  they had advised.
How even adversity can be,
a blessing, well disguised.

So the next time you are tempted,
to say things never go your way,
remember this story,
and know for sure, you can never say!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Theme for a dream.

In soft day light,
that seems almost hesitant to intrude,
the rumpled bed, the sound of rain,
setting a mellow mood.

Neither awake, nor asleep,
in so beautiful a daze.
It could only be a dream,
one of those a rose tinted days.

The arm flung so carelessly,
seems almost by accident,
it encounters the bare skin,
in a gesture most eloquent.

Cocooned in a careless hug,
that tells so much, many different things,
of passion, of whispered sweet nothings,
when time just flies on wings.

It tells of  times spent together,
of familiarity and of love,
of promises of  more to come,
or  just of contentment for now.

It seems so very precious,
a different coming together,
stillness and calm saying so much more.
than all the words can, ever!

If there was ever a theme for a dream,
it would be this, right here.
Some times in life and in love,
its the simple, you most desire.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The gender story

Life begins just the same,
no matter what your gender.
Boy or girl,aren't they all the same,
in ways that really matter?

They blossom and flourish,
with tender love and care,
and wilt into nothingness,
if they don't get their fair share.

They have the same milestones too,
as they sit, talk and crawl,
falling, crying and smiling,
as they follow nature's rule.

As they grow, they aspire,
to the very same things.
acceptance and belonging,
some roots and some wings.

They seem to grow up different,
because they are told to be that way.
Our fears and hopes change them,
with every passing day.

Why do we mostly choose,
to seek and find the difference,
even when they are all the same,
in their very essence?

The differences that seem so apparent,
and create a great divide,
are necessary to complete the whole,
not one can be cast aside.

Those who treat them differently,
based just on their gender,
forget nature's basic rule,
if you have one, you still need the other!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the future

If only we could end up,
where we should have begun,
if life just went full circle,
tracing back through it's run..

Imagine what it would be like,
if life were in reverse,
knowing all that we could know,
master situations most perverse.

Our future would be in the past,
which would make it easier to see,
based on how we are at that point,
can predict what happened to be.

Growing older and then wiser,
is not really of much use.
If  only one had wisdom to start with,
bad choices to refuse.

Mother, friend or lover,
become better with advancing age,
if experience and wisdom were from the start,
no one would need advice sage.

Would it not be for the best,
if we could turn life on its head,
be born old knowing all,
growing young as each day into another led.

It would be twice as good,
to have youth and wisdom side by side,
as often we have just the one,
while the other one does hide.

Its such a waste of wisdom,
to have it at the end,
if one could just live backwards,
there might be lot less to repent!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sugar and spice

Little girls are made of sugar and spice,
and also all things very nice,
but what they will be, when grown up,
is hard to predict, even if one tries.

Does the sugar crystallize
and become hardened over time?
or does the spice become  fine,
and heady like fine wine.

It all depends on what happens,
as life rumbles on,
exactly what she deals with,
each night and every morn.

Love and encouragement,
sweeten and mellow spice,
bringing to all she touches,
grace and love always.

Should the spirit be broken,
with harsh words and lack of care,
the sugar hardens rock like,
ensuring a lifelong nightmare.

When the hand that rocks the cradle,
is treated with disdain,
no matter what else happens,
for all, there will be great pain.

P.S.Thinking about some helpless innocent,
ill treated for being a girl,
makes the blood boil,
and sends the head into a whirl.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I don't protest!

Last evening I was at the protest rally in Pune. And if anyone does not know what rally ...  the protest rally was in support of Anna Hazare and his campaign against corruption. I do not know if we need another body to police anyone, but I know that we each have the right to peaceful protest. That a government of the people for the people and by the people could imprison their own, in one of it's most notorious prisons, is an absolute 'no no' in my book.

The newspaper puts the count at thirty thousand people. What is amazing is that it was completely peaceful, without incident and 'clean' as one young girl put it.. All those youngsters,... it was mostly them.. gender no bar, from every corner of Pune,  brought together for their country, as they put it. One young girl said "hum nahin karenge, toh kaun karega?" For all those who lament about the  blase, know it all, generation who would not lift a finger for anyone else, you were in for a surprise. It was wonderful to see  so many youngsters, all very charged by the cause.  They seemed clear on why they were there as well. It would not be business as usual for them  they claimed. Not everyone at the rally may become a model citizen overnight, but this seems to have given a hook for some change. they said they would never again pay the small bribes which do not even seem to be bribes anymore.. like the one given for recovering impounded vehicles. They pucca promised that they would rather pay the challan money to the right authorities, even if it meant paying more. They said they would vote the next time, so they could have a voice. It has made them politically and socially aware and galvanised them into action.All of which augur well for democracy.Even if not everyone changes, some will!

I was born after India gained independence, but this gave a hazy glimpse into what it might have been, bound together by a common cause. It cut across boundaries of caste, community, religion language, education and even political leanings..... There were national flags everywhere, even painted on cheeks.  The lokpal , how it helps, who it helps, whether it helps  is yet to come.. but this has definitely united people as nothing else before it, since independence. I was witnessing unity in diversity last evening. Whatever happens next .. the bonding is a definite victory! So never mind which side you are on, and whether you think Anna Hazare is right or wrong.. whether you agree with his method or not... there is something in it for everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Measure of love

It is not a very common thing,
that anyone ever thinks about,
but if we ever have to measure love,
just how exactly do we work it out?

How can we ever, ever know,
the love anyone says they do.
Mother, brother, lover, friend,
all swear to the love most true.

It's easier when we are born to it,
we have never a reason for doubt.
But those who choose to let us in their hearts,
we feel  not so sure about.

Why is blood so much more thick,
than those gossamer bonds of the soul?
We are so afraid that it might not be,
we are even willing to let go of it all.

We listen to every cautionary tale,
that everyone narrates,
and with every story that could be one's own,
the fear just accelerates.

How sad is it, that when the trust,
 is so hard to give,
we walk away from a wonderful world,
that may be all that we need to live.

Some times the price that we pay for a win,
may be the greatest loss of them all.
Even when you have just about everything,
what is missing may eat into the soul.

So when those strangers walk into your life,
claiming to be friends or lovers for life,
even though there is no way to ensure,
let not those doubts ever run rife.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Black, white or grey

A thought that has been following me,
there is no way I can shake it,
You could even think of it as advice,
and just go ahead and take it.

Things that I felt absolutely sure of,
but a few years ago,
I am not so certain now,
if I am right anymore.

It has been just a few years when,
all the answers seemed so clear and bright,
Now I am not so sure,
 if I even had all the questions right.

I was so certain I had it all figured out,
and knew what I wanted from my life.
If I just followed a well set road map,
the ride would be smooth and without strife.

I once knew exactly,
 just what was good for me,
what for me was wrong or right,
and precisely what should never be.

Every thing in black and white,
not a single grey in sight,
feeling smug and better,
than those who did not get it right.

With time and life I realized,
though beautiful on paper and print,
black and white are almost never there in life,
with its vibrant hues and some grey tint.

Like happens with road maps everywhere,
there were detours I did not foresee,
or maybe I did not even know,
how a road map has to be.

That is not to say that there should,
never ever be a plan,
or directions to follow
or make a road map if you can.

There will always be those,
who know exactly what they want,
what they believe, what they do,
and exactly what they can't.

As for me, one thing I know now,
unlike some time ago,
to live life to its fullest,
the black and white has to be let go!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie magic

If this world was a huge movie set,
wouldn't it be so wonderful?
Every time we wanted to,
we could just play another role.

You could play the hero,
that every one wants to be.
or be a wickedest villain,
the world could never before see.

If you really feel so strongly,
remake the story that you love,
write the script the way you want it,
change it anyway, anyhow.

Change the set, mix it up,
go for a different look,
or just turn everything on it's head,
after throwing out the book.

You could ride a dragon breathing fire
if that were your fantasy,
and then move on, as pirates do,
looking for treasure and mermaids in the sea.

You could even fall in love,
with anyone more than once,
in the tenderest way ever possible,
just imagine who you could romance.

If you ever miss your cues,
on how you must react,
you can go back and do it again,
till its right on track.

You could keep just the good parts,
and do everything else in retakes.
If this world was a movie set,
rewind, erase and discard all your mistakes!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

True love and more

 In the times of bad economies, bad cricket, scams and demented politicians, here is a feel good story. A young six year old who ended up with a man who changed his own life to accommodate this foundling. In the beginning of the story, there was this child who wandered away from  his alcoholic father's drinking spree to end up with a man who had a small tea stall. Images of young boys used as unpaid slaves may spring to the mind, like that of young Moin who died at the hands of his uncle because he could not make beedis fast enough to satisfy his uncle's greed. Aiku Lal was however the man to go to if you are a lost child.

After the advertisements on local channels did not bring any claims, Aiku took charge of the child Akbar, and became his guardian sending him to school and doing all that a parent should. The only thing he did not do was name the child, opting instead to keep the child's name  and religion as it was. He also decided not to get married as he did not want any problems a spouse might have with the child.

When the biological parents found about the child, three years later, they wanted the child back, but by then even the child did not want to return to them. They accused Aiku of using their son as  bonded labour which he disproved in a court. Now the battle for the boy continues and he gets his chance to say what he wants. More such stories in the news would be such a wonderful thing. Who says true love does not exist??

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Frog Prince, retold.

 I heard this very long ago,
and you must have heard it too.
If you want to find a real prince,
this is what you must do.

You must go outdoors and look beneath,
each and every rock,
You may just find under one,
a handsome frog that can talk.

Even if he cannot talk,
just right then and there,
just persist in your endeavour,
it could happen anytime, anywhere.

There is that one more crucial step,
that makes him the prince of dreams.
You just have to kiss him on his lips
as that works magic it seems!

Like everything good in life and love,
there is a very tiny catch,
not every frog can be a prince,
even if found in a grassy patch.

So you may have to kiss many a frog,
before you find yourself a prince.
It is not a fail safe formula,
you have to work out  some of the kinks!!

P.S. There is a foot note to all of this.
It may also work out the other way.
He who appears to be a prince,
may turn into a frog after the wedding day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The problem with choices.

The more you live,  the more you learn,
of life, how it should be.
Hindsight is such a lovely thing,
always twenty/twenty.

And yet I wonder would it be,
that  which we see with such clarity,
if we changed anything in our past,
would things be what we wish for, exactly?

In the warp and weft of life,
if some threads had just not been the same?
Could we replace one building block
with another, in life's frame?

We are all exactly who we are,
due just to what happened in our past.
There is no quick and easy way,
learning comes from experiences passed.

Choosing any differently,
from those myriad paths back then,
would have led to another life,
and also a very different person.

That person with different perspective,
on things, the way they are now.
So choosing completely different blocks,
might not have made a difference anyhow.

Just like the pieces of a jigsaw,
the puzzle is about how they all fit,
You cannot remove just any piece,
and replace it with a different bit.

There is no way to nip and tuck,
the parts you wish had never been,
or just to tack on another part,
to what is already existing.

That is what is the hardest thing,
about hindsight of twenty/ twenty.
No matter how clear and simple it seems,
you cannot alter just some things, or do them differently!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I would often hear, I resemble her,
and that would make me smile.
Cause I always have admired her,
and her ability to go the extra mile.

But something I heard the other day,
did stop me in my track,
seemingly coming from my mouth,
the echoes of thoughts from far back.

It was the first I heard my mom,
speaking her mind through me,
I couldn't believe the words I'd said,
were the ones, when young, I would flee.

It happened again quite often,
especially with children, my flesh and bone,
my tongue would move, my mouth open,
but the words never sound my own.

'Be careful', 'Dont be late', 'No you cannot',
are the ones you could  let go,
but to my horror, I even heard,
'because I'm the mom and I say so'!

The lines I hear, I have heard before,
in conversations of long ago.
Those hated words, I rebelled against,
are sadly now, part of my own lingo.

Why is it that the more things change,
the more they stay the same?
What you swore never to do,
you repeat the picture, frame by frame.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ride to reversal

She kept asking me questions,
about places we were driving by,
and whenever she got it right,
sat back with a contented sigh.

Then claiming she was hungry,
looked through what we had bought.
Not liking any thing that was there,
complained, that her likes we forgot.

With some coaxing and cajoling,
she reluctantly did agree,
grumbling that for the next time,
things she liked there better be.

Mid way through the complaints,
everything seemed to fall all quiet.
Glancing round, I saw her,
asleep, slumped slightly to the side.

As we reached, she did wake.
and sit up with a start.
She got out of the vehicle then,
and walked slowly down the cobbled path.

Watching her move slowly away,
a thought struck me there and then.
Sleep, food, rest and other habits,
she had taught me, what and when.

With time, we had indeed done a flip,
the 'mother' now, had been once the child.
Roles reversed, her welfare now,
seemed for me to decide.

Maybe rooted in that childhood,
were seeds of things to come.
The echoes of what you once were told,
now just repeated in a rhythmic hum.

Teaching you to handle life,
do they lose a grip on their own?
Does a parent become a child again,
when their child is fully grown?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demons of the mind

Has any thing been so important,
it set your world ablaze?
In the explosions that followed,
you lost track of time and space.

Have you ever heard any such thing,
 you felt like curling  up into a ball?
Or maybe it just  made you,
want to hit your head on the wall.

At a time when everything did seem,
to be at an abysmal low,
and each and every heart beat,
felt like a deathly blow.

It took root so deeply within in,
you could not anything else contain.
You so wanted to shout it out,
you almost burst with pain.

You shared it with like minded friends,
they stared at you aghast,
it must have seemed to them right then,
you had lost your mind at last.

The laughter seemed demented,
and the tears just refused to flow,
you could not remember anything  you said,
it mattered not any more.

We all have our very own,
demons, we need  to vanquish.
They take over our minds and souls,
never ever letting go, refusing to vanish.

It could be something that you did
that causes you the anguish,
or something that was left undone,
just some thoughts you cannot banish.

Time and tide may calm the fire,
and stem the meaningless words,
but somethings will always haunt you,
in this and other worlds!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Red roses and brown rice.

A question that's bothered me,
almost all my grown up life.
If you've ever been a girlfriend,
should you end up as a wife?

When in love with some one
you are at your very best.
Just say the final 'I do'
you'll put that love to the test.

Eyes that burned ever so bright,
just for a glimpse of you,
may have their fire even now,
only for a TV match to view.

Every time your eyes met then,
there was an explosion of sparks.
The explosions just continue,
On who's responsible for the children's marks.

If  it was red roses then,
now its just salt and brown rice.
Getting home the groceries,
takes the edge away from love's spice.

On his knees, he once did fall
to declare his love you.
Now he cannot even to rise to his feet,
for a bit of shopping to do.

"To have and to hold, forever and forever,
I want you" he had said,
Now on a balmy night you hear him say,
"Can you move over to your side of the bed?"

Where lightning bolts once coursed through him,
at just your merest touch,
now move him shake him, do what you will,
he snores just as much.

So if you are a beloved girlfriend now,
it may not be so wise,
to get a tag of Mrs.,
at so  heavy a price!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Booster shots!!

One two, pick up your shoe,
and bring it to you.

Three four, he can do even more
if you're keeping score.

Five six , he can learn new tricks
beyond picking up sticks.

Seven eight, he can even bite,
the escaping thieves with all his might.

Nine ten, he's best friend to all men,
no questions asked, why or when?!!

There is more to a pup named booster
He is just waiting to find the right master!

In times such as these,
Can you ask for a better deal.
than adoration guaranteed,
just for the price of a meal??!!.

So if you want a best friend
who is a real live wire,
Just take him home,
of his company you'll never tire.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrities and how!

If you felt that name and fame,
are very difficult to gain.
It takes hard word work
and talent too and at times even pain.

The world is topsy turvy now,
we live in an interesting time,
to make it to the celeb list,
you just have to commit a crime.

It could be something as simple,
as having a very foul mouth.
The better do your chances look,
the more you are uncouth.

Then there is the crime of choice,
the money grabbing scam,
you could be the highbrow politico,
your good works all a sham.

At the  top there is no place,
for those of the weak of heart.
You must be ready to kill or maim,
and then play it media smart.

If any of this you can  do,
then you have every chance,
to be on popular reality shows,
to be made much of, a regular song and dance.

The more you break the rules,
the higher you can climb.
The glamour and the glitz,
seems to strongly, adhere to the slime.

So if you thought that name and fame,
were very hard to gain.
just go out there and do something,
just completely insane!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Four letter words in marriage!!

Marriage is the leading cause,
for divorces they say.
Its what you say, when married,
that causes splits every day.

Some marriages do dissolve,
because so little is ever said.
After saying "I do"
both reach a conversational end.

What is more common though,
the words that wrongly flow.
as about the daily business,
of life the partners go.

Marriages would be successful,
with four letter words a few,
If you still are a sceptic,
it can be proved to you.

The words most bandied about
commonly are these,
"I did all the house 'work' today,
tomorrow its your 'turn', please."

There are even tougher words.
that in togetherness rip many a hole,
Like 'wash', 'iron', 'wipe' and 'dust',
hardly music  to the soul.

Some words you will never say,
till in a marriage you are stuck.
'Kids', 'pick' up and 'drop' off too,
each one tries to pass the buck.

Then there is that daily event,
seemingly  oh so, sensual,
a great delight before you wed,
'cook'  becomes a boring daily ritual.

The four letter word in marriage,
that many often forget,
is like a unique mantra,
that we lose and then regret.

'Love' is what goes missing,
in the daily routine,
just a bit in the daily mix,
and the marriage gets a sheen.
So now you know its important,
to know the influence of words.
Too many of the four letter ones,
and it could end up in divorce!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Father's day.

She did not know how it all began,
she was not even out there,
but it must seem they wanted her,
for they lavished every care.

As a child very young,
she was told she looked like him,
Not that much she could recall,
her memory of the time was  rather dim.

From what she could remember now ,
to her he appeared  rather large,
and what he said was what they did,
he seemed to be in  complete charge.

It was a time when moms were moms,
and dads were, well just "Dad".
They kept a stiff upper lip
all emotions in control, iron clad.

At the dinner table they would talk,
it was a conversational rule.
All the happenings of that day,
how she was faring at school.

In college too, when friends came home,
he just left them with a nod,
It was for her mother then,
to ask about happenings, probe and prod.

 As an adult, she knew he would never approve,
of some of what she felt.
She hoped that he would understand,
that some day he would melt.

The silence and her life went on,
and daily challenges were met.
Work she liked and a family,
her goals she did set.

Her family and the work she did,
kept her fully engrossed.
Her children's father, would communicate,
she knew at any cost.

When she found some time to call,
or visit her elderly folks,
time seemed to just fly by.
in old memories and some old jokes.

Then one night, a call came late,
that shattered the silence and her regular life.
Her father had just passed away,
the pain cut through like a knife.

Just like how he had never said,
how he felt about them all.
Now she realized she had not confessed,
her love for him at all.

That night when she went to bed,
she hugged her children  tight.
And in the whispering breeze just then,
she heard him as he sighed!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Twice the fun!!

This middle aged man from Pune,
wanted to double his joys in life.
Not content with just the one,
he got himself a second wife.

In the beginning all was rosy red,
till the first one got to know,
then all hell did break lose,
he just had no where to go.

The first one fixed the penalty,
that he would have to pay,
her mother, as well as the second one's,
would move in with them, to stay.

What he forgot to consider,
when hoping the joy would double,
every thing else would also be twice as much,
including mother-in-law trouble.

So if you ever have wondered how,
it's to have two women wait on you,
just remember with every woman,
her mother comes along too!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

One way to get there!

The road to hell has good intentions,
for its paving stones they say.
So if you intend any good,
just act on it today!!

Have you ever to yourself said,
"I must call her soon!"
and then go on to forget it,
in a life that just goes zoom..

Think of all the  things we say,
and then promptly  forget them all.
If not much else, of this I'm sure,
we often forget to visit or call.

Promises don't take, very much to make.
It's keeping them that's hard to do,
On the spur of the moment, in a passion,
we vow to do, of what we have not a clue.

Often we to ourselves firmly resolve,
we promise from now to be nicer  to all.
All it takes is a little spat,
for that resolve, flat to fall.

Then there is the generous thought,
to give to those in need,
if not acted upon, just right then,
gets lost with very great speed.

They say heaven is full of good works.
and mere intentions do not count,
hell on the other hand is paved with good intentions,
and the road there to, by every account.

So whatever it is you intend to do,
you should act on it with out a doubt.
cause should you ever end in hell,
there's no way you'll ever get out!!

P.s If all this you should ever forget,
here is a rule to remember well,
good intentions do at times misfire,
so wiser it may be after all, to not on them dwell!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A life lived...

She did not remember falling down,
when she first started to walk,
she knew not what her first words were,
and how she learned to talk.

Her parents must have held her hand
and kissed better all her hurt,
It was their lot, it was understood
to protect her from the dust and the dirt.

She was sure she did not say words right,
when she first said them at all,
but they just laughed and corrected her,
to their satisfaction, saying she was so small.

As time passed, she made a few missteps,
she tripped and she fell and she fumbled too,
but all they did was give her a loving scold
and forgive her sins as she grew.

Oh, they did give her a gentle nudge,
toward the direction they felt was best,
the school, the food, the music and even friends;
all did pass through their acid test.

Then came along the bigger choices,
like careers, jobs and life skills.
They said they'd leave the choice to her,
but only after educating her on all the ills.

There was not much of a fight or a tug of war,
as she did feel, they must know it best.
After all, they only wished good  things for her
safety, a good life and all the cares addressed..

She could choose, she'd been assured,
in time, a partner whom she liked.
But just right then, they felt convinced,
was not time for her to be tied.

Some time down, it felt so right,
she just knew, this time was it.
her parents agreed that he seemed nice,
but would he into the family well fit?
How could she ever doubt her very own,
 who gave her love and life.
and even though it bruised her heart,
knew this was the way to avoid any strife.

In some time, they did suggest,
a man she could build a life time with,
who seemed  such a perfect fit,
it seemed right out of a fairy myth.

Now that her future was secure,
the parents did do a relay,
they handed  the baton over to him,
it was for the husband now, the dragons to slay.

Life did pass on the tranquil route,
with an absence of worry or care.
There was content all around,
just about their rightful share.

As it happens with most routines,
things in time did settle in a steady rut.
It then gave her time to reflect,
and brush off her thoughts, the grime and dust.

How exactly would her life have been,
if her choices were not  well validated.
Not that anyone was ever to blame,
but had her passion  been fully sated.?

Life on an a safe and even keel
was not a roller coaster ride,
what if she missed on excitement,
that had been  there, waiting on the other side?

Life may have been more down than up,
in terms of the worldly view,
but sometimes in life from the downs are born,
some of the world's wonders too.

Protecting one's own is  nature's way,
but there are times, letting go is best,
How will the little bird conquer the skies,
forever and always if it's safe in the nest?!!

 At some point in our lives, we seem to become our parents......As parents, we want to give our children all that we loved or lacked. We instinctively want to smooth their path. We have opinions on their music, books, friends  and so on.. The line between smoothing and smothering may be crossed. Letting go is not the easiest thing, after wanting to keep them out of harm's way.....This applies equally, if differently, to girls and boys..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Charity begins !!

I've often felt that charity,
begins very much at home
The giver does it for himself,
that's the twist on this syndrome.

Give if you want without any gain,
then  why do it with such fan fare.
You could always help those who need,
and quietly do your share!

If you chance upon such people,
talked about for doing so much,
just watch them carefully.
whatever gets them noticed, they only do that much.

In helping they have a motive,
for  them to feel simply  good.
but there are some who feel better,
by doing what they never should!

If you come across such donors,
who give under their sign and seal,
you'll realize that they only do it,
just to build some mass appeal.

When giving is all about the picture,
that comes in the next day's news.
It's about how the public views you,
It's a great big publicity ruse.

If you don't believe me,
just take a good look at the shot,
 the giver, he smiles and stands tall,.
the receiver is bent over like he's just been bought.

You may dub me cynical,
on the givers I might seem too harsh,
But often I 've seen that public charity,
that's all just great eyewash!

"Charity begins at home'
the next time if  you hear,
just make sure the meaning,
is absolutely  crystal clear!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bai(ing) power !!

This is an Indian urban legend,
of choices women are forced to make,
Your partner or the domestic help,
in a pinch, which one would you take?

For a woman who manages home and work,
and is putting in many shifts,
good help these days is hard to find,
and tops diamonds and other gifts.

Love or hate the one you have,
but keep her you just must
to help you clean and help you cook,
to sweep under the carpet, the dust.

She helps you add spice to the food,
lightly sprinkling gossip too,
keeping you abreast, if you have no time,
of what the neighbours do..

The clothes may not look so clean,
spots and stains may never be out,
her knowledge of every one's weakest spots,
never can you ever doubt.

The salt and spice she may err on,
but knows what each resident earns,
whose daughter's set to elope with whom
what happens before the husband returns!

Should you and yours ever disagree,
it'll be all over the town,
always will the neighbours know
of your life's every up and down.

Yet if it came to making a choice,
between the 'bai' and the spouse
it is not easy to let her go,
for the sake of a happy house.

If you wonder how the legend ends
the lady did wisely choose,
she kept the one she depended on,
the husband, she cut loose!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Relationship tip!

This story is from prehistoric times,
 when the world was a younger place,
When dinosaurs, mammoths  and sabre tooths,
were jostling for some space!

As you hid from the huge T-rex,
and gathered  up some food,
you also hoped for  some romance,
hard though it was to set a mood.

There was this young man so worthy,
with sights set on this girl,
and why she would not accept him,
his mind was in a whirl.

They seemed like such a perfect fit,
almost every one observed  so,
It should have been a no brainer,
but for no reason apparently, it was no go!

He tried to tell her many times,
and even brought her gifts,
raptor teeth jewellery, a python skin,
and a skirt made from wood that drifts.

The highest mountain he did scale,
and even swam the deepest sea,
But no matter what he tried,
she seemed unimpressed and never did agree.

Hoping  the green eyed monster to invoke,
he then courted many a girl,
But  all it did was instead,
to push her  deep, into a social swirl.

The more he tried to over her win ,
the further did she run,
Though when asked she would reply,
their friendship was just for laughter and fun.

Then one day, the smart young man.
observed her in an angry mood,
when she was told that she could NOT do,
what she thought for her was good.

With dawning wonder he did realize,
 what  just might do the very trick,
All he needed was a right challenge,
and it all in place would click.

The very next time when he met her,
he told her it would never work,
he thanked her that she had not agreed,
' Be hard for you' he told her with a smirk..

The challenge seemed to work like a charm,
In a trice she changed her mind,
now she seemed all intrigued,
the wheels turning within her mind

The next when he tried to court her,
she seemed a bit more willing,
and so on and on it went along,
till it was all just smooth sailing!

Here's a piece of good advice,
for young men even now,
gifts might lose their gilded edge,
so might the treasure trove.

If you want to win that special one,
the puzzle's all ready to solve,
set her a challenge she cant resist,
and you  just might win her love!!.

No animals were hurt in the making of this poem, though a puppy was at my side!!
 He said he  enjoyed the silly poem... .though may be he just  lied!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love or something

I was all set to sleep last night when my cell phone rang. To my surprise, it was someone who used to work with us. He came to us fourteen years ago and worked as our man Friday for over ten years. Then his parents illness forced him to move too far to commute. Reluctantly, he took up another job, but kept in touch...... calling us on birthdays and festivals, dropping in occasionally. He would get his wife and two little girls too. If I ever needed a driver or some help in a pinch he would fill in, even if it meant taking leave of absence, from his current work place.

However, calls so late at night were unheard of. I asked him if all was OK and his rather abrupt response was to ask me if he could work for me. From all I'd heard, things were going good at his place of work even as of last month, when he had called . So I asked him what happened. and then into the long silence, without waiting for a response, asked him to come over in the morning so we could talk about it. That he was troubled was obvious and I  assumed it was the usual family problems between his mother and his wife or some school issues for his daughter or even about money.

When he turned up at about 10 in the morning in a rather worse for wear appearance, I was not too worried. After the usual pleasantries I asked him what had happened. He said "Kaise Bataon?". Coming from someone whom we have counselled even on intimate issues like family planning and marital discord, this was rather surprising. Intrigued by now, I just told him to tell me the truth, whatever it was.  "Maine shaadi kiya" he blurted out. I knew that he had a wife of eight years (having been esteemed guests at his wedding). Not comprehending, I asked him when he got married.  Turned out, he had fallen in love got married to this other woman three years ago.

His first wife ( as he referred to her) got wind of it recently and confronted him about it. Enough dust had been kicked up and she even complained to the police. He insisted that his marriage to the second wife was legal and he had a lawyers word(!) to prove it. He did not want to give up on either. He insisted he could manage "sambhal" both. He wanted  our help in finding work as he could not go to his current employer for fear of cops that his first wife would set on him. Right or wrong, he felt he could not live without either of them. He even confessed to contemplating suicide.

So what happens next? Well, who knows!!! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Love makes the world go round and  heads to spin!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A word to the wise

Breathes there a woman with vanity so dead,
who never to herself has even once said,
'I wish someone would say something nice
even if it's just about the shape of my head!'

The problem however with a smooth turn of phrase,
words don't come often,  out as you hope
sometimes just  slipping right  out of the mouth,
and landing all concerned on a slippery slope.

Just as this woman who met me one day
and told me brightly 'You've a charming face'.
Happy, the kind words the morning had brought,
I prepared to dazzle with a smile full of grace.

The following words did wipe off that smile,
"Rare is such charm at such  late  a stage"
Not exactly being at the doddering edge,
I felt old and wrinkled and in in my dotage!

Then there was this bright young man,
who  rushed into a conversational lull,
 to win a girl he said 'I liked you much more before,
This tan, it makes you look very dull"

Whether or not a mate he did ever find,
were I  to predict just  one future right,
blessed as he is with such smooth turn of phrase,
 it just did not look that very bright!

It's not just women that  the words do impress,
with grown men too you'd get quite a rise,
if only to sweet talk you  did  know how,
of cars, gadgets, wallets and of their size!

 But if ever the sweet talk should you elude,
saying nothing at all, is all for the best.
Not everyone knows the words to string right,
and this is the truth -   east or west!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The poet!

There was once a worthy poet,
who was on the brink of death,
surrounded by his all people,
waiting with bated breath.

He would not last was certain,
 or so the doctors said,
'It's just a matter of time before,
every little hope is dead'.

Losing hope was one thing,
but everyone agreed,
His son must surely meet him,
before death away him lead.

All attempts to rouse him once more,
from deathly slumber failed,
It almost seemed so certain,
that this ship had forever sailed.

Gloom then set in on those,
who felt that all was lost,
The prodigal son wouldn't see him.
'Oh the grief he'd be caused!'

Till a friend discovered,
such a brilliant ruse,
"I'll just get the worthy poet,
to recite about  his muse"

The light in the dim eyes brightened,
and the frail hand seemed more strong,
With great resolve the poet sat up,
proving the doctors  wrong.

One by one all dozed off,
all but a faithful friend.
He sat and heard the poet out
who with each word seemed to mend.

With morning  came the young son,
hastening to his fathers side,
To see that he was all well now,
and the friend, oh he had died!

Now that you've the story heard,
it is time that you paid heed,
To death these poets can make you sick,
you best avoid their creed!!

This poem is from a story I heard. The challenge was to set it in rhyme and do a slightly different rhyme scheme from the ones I had done before. I hope it tells the story well!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding ring

The line was 'Marriage is like being boxed in.. you just have to find your own corners'. While that reminded me of pugilists and the wrestling ring, I could not let it pass .. so here goes... again!!

Marriage has been described as many things,
 long extolled, for all the joys it brings!
If you wonder if the  definition fits
let me add some more, my two bits.

Stomach full with so many butterflies,
and even a few stars shining in your eyes,
You enter an important relationship,
on which you hope to get a strong grip.

A roller coaster ride lasting rather long,
there are times when it feels all wrong,
but like they say in many a song,
get it right and there's no bond so strong!

If the damp towel plays wet blanket
on the messiness scale, just rank it.
If it's up there, beyond what you can bear,
 just think of the commonalities you two share.

Wedded bliss does not like a movie unreel,
though to be fair, at times that too you'll feel.
At times you play villain and so also behave,
But at others, from troubles like heros, save.

Marriage is being boxed in, is what I've heard,
which to many, is how the question's answered.
Even if so, I don't think it's a complete goner,
if you remember, boxes have more than one corner.

So if you ever need some time and some space,
but still feel that you don't want out of the race.
All you need  is your very own corner to find,
then even with the bond, you'll never be in a bind!!

Sorry folks, am having too much fun rhyming ..

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