Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anything for some eyeballs!

Think of something that has the potential to get the world up in arms. Then just do it. If that does not get you more eyeballs then any good you have ever done, I'll be most surprised. In the world crowded with scams larger than ever, countries that are burning  and collapsing as we speak, and sports like cricket taking over the leftover space in the public eye, what do you do if you are a fading celebrity. Just do something outrageous. Like circulate stories of your break-up / link-up with another equally fading celeb. But that may be passe..... too many celebs breaking up or making up. So then you do something even more outrageous.. circulate a picture of you having your shoelaces tied by two young women fawning at your feet.

Bipasha Basu recently tweeted "I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarrassed that I can't! No patience.. grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon," and tagged it with the picture of two girls tying shoelaces.

You can then have the women's groups up in arms, the human rights people protesting against you and the general furore will just get you in the news. At least reminding people that you exist. What if you are not seen in any recent movie?

Selling yourself.. Keeping yourself in the public eye. When the world was a younger place and there was no blogging, certainly no micro blogging, we read something about the stars in some glitzy magazine on a train journey, we believed all that was written there.  We were completely hypnotised by their  scandalous yet swanky life styles, where morals seemed few and far from the real world. But whatever we thought about it, it certainly created a memory that was hard to erase. I for one, never realized, it was insidious  hard sell. The product being the person/ persona.

Today, everything is a product...... Bipasha Basu being the latest in a list of meaningless controversies. Whether it is a writer claiming he was not given due credit or an actor claiming dissatisfaction, anything for a sale, seems to be the rule.  Too bad that we all fall prey to these scandals and devote so much time, energy and space to them.

 Looks like Bipasha got what she wanted after all!


  1. yeah, negative or positive, it's publicity everyone's after...also, I handed over the Stylish Blogger Award to accept it...

  2. :)Thank you for the award. I am touched and accept it. I have yet to figure out all that kind of stuff tho.. so pls forgive me if it does not appear on the blog immedietly. I appreciate the regular feedback I get from you on my posts. :)


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