Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to pay a compliment and other tips..

How do you respond to someone who, on meeting you after ten years, goes "aap toh buddhe ho gaye" meaning ' You have grown old' . After ten years I guess everyone is older ... So you try and brush it off with a smiling "Haan, mein ho gayi hoon buddhi" to be met with a violent protest of " nahin, nahin, itne chote bacche hain, tum toh itni acchcchi lagti thi"  meaning 'no, you have such young kids.. you used to look so good'. With the older one in college and the younger one at almost fourteen.. I guess I did look better ten years ago, but never a contender for a title..even a local one...

Here is the question ...Have I got a  backhandedcompliment or an insult?


  1. Much depends on how it is said.

    Perhaps that person wants you to look younger and [s]he is protesting that you are not looking after yourself.

    Or perhaps it is just a thoughtless remark.

    One of my friends remarked [when given such comment] "Khajur [Date] may dry up but its sweetness only increases!"

    Try it.


  2. Nice one about the Khajur..

    The thing is I do not mind being told I look old. I am adamant about not colouring my hair.. am too lazy..
    But generally thereis more sensitivity.. :)
    It was amusing as well as disconcerting...


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