Saturday, February 12, 2011

Smelling like a rose..

Remember the 'Mills and Boone' hero of yore? He was suave and yet he would be strong physically, able to rein in the wildest stallion, drive the toughest route, swim the strongest rapids.. you get the drift. He would be brawny and brainy and yet have a 'musky smell' after a hard day at the ranch. He was at home in the board room/ operation theatre and equally at ease on a rock face, scaling it with great ease 'the shirt stretched clinging to him , an elusive manly smell of sweat with the clean soap...' What I am trying to say here is the fact that we did not hear much about a deodorant..

Yesterday,I watched a buff John Abraham on TV, scaling a mountain of sorts, drawing attention to how his teammate was sweating, while claiming that 'damp patches had no chance' with him.  I dislike body odor as much as the next person, but I assume that sweat is a natural outcome of hard physical effort. Would you not sweat on while scaling a mountain?

Anorexia, Bulimia, are words that are very common these days. Girls and even boys drive themselves hard to get to that perfect concept on beauty that the media portrays. Perfect, but impossible to attain standards of beauty! With problems like this why am I worried about deodorants??? Because they are all connected... If you perpetuate the idea that hair should be in place even when cavorting on the beach, there should be blemish free skin at all times, there should be not a drop of sweat in sight no matter if you scale the tallest mountain... now if that is not unnatural, what is?

To the many youngsters who are hanging on to every word that leaves the lips o their celebrity idols, this can mean only some more unnatural aspirations and even unhealthy ones..  chemicals on the skin in the long run cannot be really good for anyone. Apart from the physical fall outs ( maybe we will discover that blocking pores with deos can lead to some deadly disease like cancer) there is the issue of low self esteem, which can cripple the entire young generation.

Mills and Boone books were absolute fantasy, yet even they seemed to have more normal people and that is saying something...Looking great and feeling good is all very well, but can we have more normal standards?

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  1. am totally on with you on this Suchi.Unrealistic body images are all over the place and true health which comes from accepting your flaws and living a simple life is the biggest casuality.


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