Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day love/ hate

If there is love, can hate be far behind? After all they are the flip sides of the same coin. In keeping with that, nothing / no day can be more controversial than Valentines day.. in India at least. We are an emotional people and all our feelings come out in full  err..force!

Call it the ultimate Valentine's Gift .. giving up your life for love!!. After all isn't it what legends are made of?  Romeo  Juliet, Laila Majnu or our very own Heer Ranjha..What were their deaths about? Today they would be termed (dis) honour killings.One of the first stories I caught today ... A young girl in Agra gave up her life for loving someone her family did not approve of. Was it  fatherly love for her as her father brutally put an end to her life. What about legendary maternal  love, as  her mother watched life ebbing out her own flesh and blood. After all,  V day is not only about lovers and romantic love. Interestingly, the dishonour killings are solely reserved for loved ones, errant daughters, sisters, nieces nephews, etc. just for the love of false prestige, love of society.... It is all about love.

Then there are the stories that compete with each other for being , well, romance number one. Couples who have known each other for a few minutes  months or just a couple of years, plead undying love for their partners. Can the media please find someone who has been married for a few decades, raised children, gone through the ups and downs of life and stuck together despite all that? No, no, I have nothing against young love and am as much into "jab we met" as the next person, but since when did flying to London to be with me on graduation day qualify as the nicest thing someone has done. Hey, I am willing to fly to London for just about any one's graduation if all else is taken care of. And I do not even have to know the person. I even promise to clap and cheer the loudest.  Another besotted man claimed to have been floored by his fiance,  waiting up for him on his return from an overseas trip. Call me cynic, but sharing a night time vigil, for a cranky, sick child, night after night, tops that any day. When I was young, I pulled 'allnighters' for no real reason anyway. So waiting up for a fiancee would have been a walk in the park.

Can  Valentine day be complete without those who oppose it? Violently at that! The original Rama Sena.. the one that was lead by Lord Rama.. was it not for "love"? Rama was separated from his beloved Sita and despite being royalty who could have more than one wife (His own Father had three), He chose to take an army and win her back. A sene by the same name fight to tear lovers apart... (Shakespeare definitely knew his stuff when he said what's in a name)

I do not know what other love /hate stories will come up during the day, but as I understand it, Valentines day is not just about romantic love.. It is just about LOVE, plain and simple. This valentines day I hope to find in my heart, love for the less fortunate, animals (dogs, cats, birds etc and not the beasts who can kill and maim in the name of love) I hope everyone finds more love, compassion and understanding.

Happy Valentine's day!!


  1. That's a very nice take on the topic...and I like your idea...Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Caterpillar, Thanks, Hope you had a nice Valentine's day.

  3. hey nice take :)
    I really appreciate your posts :)
    I guess you will also like to read this one :

  4. Hey Radha, nice to hear from you. liked your post very much. If only we were all more generous with our love and affection..


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