Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy new year!! Again!!!

Or Yugadi, Gudi padva, Samsar padva....take your pick. Today, many  of  us in different parts of  India, celebrate a new year. Our country is probably the only one in the world that has many "new years" in the standard 365 days.That means many more opportunities to make new beginnings, make new resolutions (or just remind ourselves about the old ones) and wish our friends and family the very best for the coming 365 days!!

A status on facebook said something about a happy new year to Telgu friends, Marathi friends.... my question, can we not just wish everyone? The answer to my question was that it was like being greeted on someone else's birthday. I do not know if the analogy is fitting, but having lived in different parts of India I have had lots of fun celebrating different local festivals. In a way, I did adopt an other's birthday, have a party and enjoyed myself in the process. There was no Holi in Kerala where I lived as a child,, but now thanks to movies, serials and people moving from state to state, Gods own country  is more colourful!

In a country that now has the golden arches and KFC along with Punjabi parathas and idli sambhar, we surely need not let language deter us from partying!.After all do we not ring out the old and ring in the new, every 31st December like the western nations do? And that calendar was certainly not 'born' in India! Is that really like celebrating someone else's birthday? If it means gifts, treats and loving wishes, I am all for celebrating any body's birthday too!!

Wishing everyone a Happy new year!!!.



  1. Happy New Year to you too...didn't know you used to live in Kerala as a child.

  2. Thank you.. Oh yes, I have strong links to gods own country!!! :)

  3. Which country isn't god's own?

  4. @anon.. exactly!! so all the more reason to celebrate all the new years... :)


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