Sunday, May 29, 2011

Class system

I have decided that I want to be a tutor. A tutor and not a teacher mind you. What is the difference you ask? Just a life style! Teaching has always been touted as the most noble of professions. and yet teachers everywhere are the least paid professionals. Not so, the tutor! The tutor is revered and sought after. Ask anyone who has a child in class X or class XII.. They may not worry so much about the school the child is going to, but getting into the right tutorial class is of great importance. There are entrance exams to get into classes to clear entrance exams. The child may not pay much attention to the class X syllabus, but he studies for the entrance. There are exams, interviews and sleepless nights. The celebration for getting into the right class rivals the celebration for getting into the right course/ college.

Then there are the super speciality coaching classes/ tutorials. For all those who may be unaware of this, there are parents flocking to a western state of India which is famous for its IIT entrance coaching. Kota in Rajasthan is the Mecca of IIT coaching classes. The whole of Kota is geared to this and there are rooms and homes available on rent, so one can set up camp there. Anxious mothers leave ambitious fathers and encouraging families in other parts of the country and set up temporary homes in Kota with their IIT aspiring children. The aspirants eat, drink and sleep the IIT mantra for atleast two years. They are like horses that have blinders put on their faces so they see nothing else but their goal of getting into IIT. Never mind that our minister Jairam Ramesh has slammed the teaching in these institutes. Remember, even he has said nothing about the tutors!!

Burdened with academics and expectations, these kids lose themselves ( and two years of their lives) in the morass of multiple choice / multiple answer/ negative marking ... Some do emerge victorious which only means more join the race the next year. The XII grade results mattering less and less each year, it is the classes that do better then the schools. The classes compete with each other in making claims that will draw more and more into this vortex.

Teachers are doing better if they become tutors . They find it easier to get students to listen/ obey/ follow their instructions. The parents hang on their every word and give them more than the respect they deserve. Colleges seem to have become just meeting places for youngsters, that too if they so choose. Parents appear absolutely fine with getting their children into colleges that are openly lax about minor details like class attendance. In exchange, colleges have been relieved of the task of imparting an education. Maybe our ministers and the powers that be need to think of this before they even think of revamping the system.

Who needs an education when coaching does the trick?!

Connecting the dots...

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